Workflow Triggers

Set your sales and marketing efforts on autopilot

Monitor your target accounts for any significant changes, and use them to trigger workflows across your business systems in real time.
Monitor your target accounts for any significant changes

Never miss a sales opportunity again

See relevant changes in your target accounts and get notified to reach out when the time is right. You'll get alerted via email or receive a new task directly in your CRM.

See relevant changes in your target accounts and get notified when the time is right

Bring ideal timing to your marketing campaigns

Add companies to your account-based marketing campaigns automatically as they go through significant company changes. Tailor your messaging to the situation and watch your conversion rates skyrocket.

Add companies to your ABM campaigns as they go through significant changes

Reduce grunt work through automation

Automate workflows in your sales and marketing systems based on changes happening in your target companies. Update data fields, add tasks, and much more via webhooks or custom setups.

Automated workflows in your business systems based on company changes

Vainu connects seamlessly with your trusted sales and marketing tools

Enjoy real-time updates with our integrations. Build custom solutions with our API.
HubSpot Salesforce Dynamics 365 Pipedrive SuperOffice Upsales Zapier

Frequently asked questions

What kinds of company changes can be used to trigger workflows?
Currently we support the following company changes: new financial statement, new CEO, layoffs, change of address, change in strategy, merger or acquisition, and new website address. All company changes are accessible via email notification and can be built out as custom solutions.
Can I monitor changes happening in companies outside the CRM?
You can monitor every company in our database and easily create the new companies in your CRM.
How quickly will I get notified on the changes?
We use webhooks to deliver the information, so you will get notified when the changes are registered in our database.

Vainu has been one of our most important partners for company insights and sales enablement. They’ve helped and motivated us to develop our data-driven sales and marketing processes.

Lisa Johnsson
Manager, B2B CLM
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