How group structure filters can unearth prospects operating worldwide

At Vainu, we help you interpret company data from millions of sources, and for that, we've added a new set of filters that is incredibly beneficial to your sales prospecting process. With the group structure filters, you can discover firms according to the countries or number of countries where they operate. 

The group structure filters are also ideal to search for companies that operate worldwide.

When you work in sales, much of your success depends on good timing. You want to reach prospects when a need arises. Plus, you want to be the first one to call. In practice, it’s such a simple thing. If you work for a company that sells office furniture, you probably want to call firms that are looking to relocate or move.

Similarly, companies that operate in a number of countries have some specific needs. Let’s look at the following use case.

Consider a Stockholm-based translation agency that employs a team of German-Finnish translators. When the agency looks for new customers, it has an interest in German companies operating in Finland, because translation services are likely a need of this group of companies.

In Vainu, we’ve added several group structure filters to help you discover firms based on the countries where they operate. These are the new filters you can already use:

  • Number of companies in a group: How big of a group is it?
  • Countries of operations: In which countries does this group have operations? In other words, in which countries there’s at least one subsidiary?
  • Number of countries of operations: In how many different countries does a group have operations?

Group Structure Filters

For instance, with these filters, you can find Finnish companies that are also operating in Sweden and vice versa.

The group structure filters are also ideal to search for companies that operate worldwide. For instance, you can search for companies with operations in one, three, five, or more than 50 countries.

How to use group structure filters

You can use group structure filters as you would use any other filter in Vainu.

  • Start by creating a new target group.
  • Select Group Structure Filters. Click Next.
  • Set the values of each filter you want to use.
  • Click Update Search to see the list of companies.

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