Vainu Similar Companies: Finds Your Next Best Customers For You

We’ve been helping businesses find good-fit companies and create precise and meaningful company lists for years. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with a simple mission: Make it easy for our users to find their next best customers.

This mission has led to our continuous development of the company filter range, our expansion into the global market, the creation of proprietary data points based on AI models, and much more. 

And now we’re happy to be able to launch the next step in the evolution of our offering: Vainu Similar Companies.

What is Vainu Similar Companies?

On a technical level, Vainu Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that uses an AI model to analyze website text embeddings to calculate the distance and difference of the domains. These distances are then converted into a similarity score, which is a decimal number between 0 and 1. The higher the score, the more similar the company.

But, on a practical level, Vainu Similar Companies is a brand-new dataset that shows, as the name suggests, similar companies to the chosen company.

Vainu Similar Companies has currently calculated this “distance score” information for over 50M domains, and we’ve stored the 100 most similar domains for each of these 50M domains in our database.

This means that all you need to do is to find one good-fit prospect among the 50M+ domains we’ve analyzed, and Vainu Similar Companies will find you the 100 most similar companies.

In this way, Vainu Similar Companies can take you from 1 good lead to 101 good leads.

Ways to access Vainu Similar Companies data


HubSpot users can access Vainu Similar Companies data via our HubSpot CRM Card, which is visible in the right-side panel on the Company page in HubSpot.

Vainu similar companies CRM Card in HubSpot 2

Vainu Similar Companies HubSpot CRM Card displays the five most similar companies to the chosen company and includes information about them, such as company size, description, Vainu Custom Industry, and HQ location.

The best thing is that Vainu Similar Companies is a HubSpot-certified App, it only takes three clicks to install, and you can do it free from the HubSpot Marketplace

Additionally, there are two actions available for each of the companies shown:

(1) Vainu view for quick company overviews 

The Vainu view action will open up a company card that includes all our information about the chosen domain in an iFrame inside HubSpot.

Of note, the HubSpot CRM Card Vainu View displays the similar companies tab, which displays 100 companies most similar to the chosen company. 

Vainu similar companies_Vainu view in HubSpot

(2) Create a new company with one click

The Add to HubSpot action will create this domain as a new Company inside your HubSpot, enriching it with all our information on that domain. 

Add companies to HubSpot from Vainu

Moreover, there are options to modify and filter the companies that appear in the module. 

The “Show existing companies” option means that companies already in your HubSpot can also appear. This is the default option.

The “Hide existing companies” option means that companies already in your HubSpot won’t appear.

The “Show from all countries” option shows results from our global database. This is the default option.

The “Show only from the same country” option limits results to companies with the same HQ country information as the company you’re looking at.

Vainu similar companies_Actions_sort
You don’t need any Vainu permissions to access any of these features. These are completely free for all HubSpot users. 


We have also brought Vainu Similar Companies into our API via the similar_domains data field. This data field will, by default, return the 100 most similar domains.

Any API call will also return the similarity_score data field for each domain, which will show how similar this domain is. As mentioned earlier, the similarity score is a decimal between 0 and 1; the closer to 1, the more similar the domains are.

Vainu similar companies_API call

To access Vainu Similar Companies data via API, you’ll need to have a subscription to Vainu’s global database and API.

Vainu Platform

Finally, Vainu Similar Companies will also be available via the Similar Companies tab on our platform. This tab will display the 100 most similar companies to the chosen company.

Vainu Similar Companies Platform

To access Vainu Similar Companies data via our platform, you’ll need to have a subscription to Vainu’s global database.

Differences for Vainu Nordic users

Everything we’ve told you so far has been for Vainu Global users, and while most of it is still accurate for the users of our Nordics database, there are some key differences, and you can read the details in this Help Center article.

Start using Vainu Similar Companies today

We’re proud of this next step in the development of our offering, and we’re excited to hear what you think about Vainu Similar Companies!

For existing Vainu users, if you already have our HubSpot Connector enabled, you’ll already have the Vainu Similar Companies CRM Card available in your CRM. 

For API users, you can also start using this new dataset immediately when making API calls.

For non-Vainu, HubSpot users, you can download our free app from the HubSpot Marketplace and start using this dataset right now.

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