May Product Updates

Enter Vainu's Showroom!

Company data in Vainu is growing continuously. We want to provide the best solution for all our users regarding effortless utilizing of company data, every day. Therefore, we let you freely choose between two different user interfaces, Vainu Showroom or Vainu Advanced, based on your needs. We’re glad for all the feedback we’ve received so far from all our users, so don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us via chat. Enter Showroom here and tell us what you think!




Renewed vehicles tab in the Swedish database 🚗

Great news for the Swedish vehicle data users! The vehicles tab in company profiles has gone through a total makeover. The new and improved vehicles tab is now more visual, and at one glimpse, you can get an overall picture of the company's vehicle types, brands, age, and emissions.

By choosing the vehicle type of your interest, you'll get to see the details of that specific vehicle type in the graphs. Age pie chart shows the number of vehicles in each age group, and Emissions pie chart shows the number of vehicles in emissions groups (g/km). Choose the vehicle brand, and you'll get to see more details of the vehicles, such as vehicle model, insurance company, power source, owner type, and registration date.




Vehicle data is not included in the standard contracts, but we're happy to help you out if you are interested in utilizing vehicle data in sales prospecting. If you are interested in getting access to this data, let us know in the chat or email us at

Vainu ❤️ GDPR

In these times of data privacy turbulence, every Vainu user may wish to be forgotten. You can do this at What does this mean?

  • Your user details will be remover
  • Your Alerts and Target groups (i.e., everything you have saved in Vainu) will be removed
  • If you have integrated Vainu with your CRM, your email address will be removed from CRM data in Vainu, i.e., your colleagues can no longer search cases owned by you.
Here’s a quick summary of our policy updates:

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