Capitalize on your CRM data in sales prospecting

At Vainu, we've been busy bees developing our integrations to help you better succeed in your daily work. In addition to Vainu's first, extended integrations with Pipedrive and Salesforce, Vainu integrates now also with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Upsales, SuperOffice and Hubspot Sales CRMs. Vainu is also featured on SuperOffice's official Application store.

Don’t waste time prospecting bad leads. Don’t lose money forgetting good leads.

Why are we so excited about integrations? With the help of Vainu’s integrations, our users can finally start capitalizing on their valuable CRM data in sales prospecting. For example, by using Vainu's CRM integration, aTalent generated 7 times more leads and conducted 32% more meetings than in the previous year. Read here, how integrating CRM with Vainu has taken aTalent's use of Vainu to a whole new level.



What Vainu’s integrations enable?

You can focus your sales prospecting efforts with Vainu’s CRM filters by combining company information from open and public data with the data from your CRM. It means that you can both include and exclude companies when prospecting, based on their existence in the CRM system, their owners, date of the latest activity and number of open, lost, or won deals. So, what's in it for you:

  • Your current customers are always up-to-date in Vainu without updating company lists manually.
  • Faster and smoother sales prospecting: you can focus on discovering new companies and exclude cases already handled by your colleagues.
  • New sales opportunities: you can follow lost, open and won deals systematically.
  • Up-to-date data from Vainu to your CRM.

Read more on Vainu's integrations on this page. Don’t waste time prospecting bad leads. Don’t lose money forgetting good leads!

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