March Product Updates Roundup

The year has been off to a busy start here at Vainu as we've sought to further develop and refine our offering to make company data as easy and actionable to use as possible. We've already shared a few of these updates with you, and now we'd like to share some examples of the latest additions to Vainu's technographics and proprietary industry taxonomy, Vainu Custom Industry.

In the past few months, we've updated our platform with new data categories related to technographic filtering and Vainu Custom Industry categories, based on our customers' requests. Here's a rundown of the latest updates.

New technologies

Technographics, i.e., the technologies a company uses, can give sales and marketing teams valuable insights about the company's identity, future direction, intentions, and priorities. Vainu can identify a number of web technologies in categories such as marketing automation, e-commerce platforms, customer feedback management, application tracking systems, live chats, and many more by using companies' websites as the source for this data. We've added a lot of new (web) technologies in our technographic filtering, and here are a few examples:

  • Conversational AI / chatbot technologies, such as, Live Helper chat, Microsoft Service Chat, Google Dialogflow, and many more.
  • Restaurant technologies, such as TheFork, Gastrogate, Nyx nightlife management platform,, and many more.
  • Other technologies such as Specter ERP, Zoezi Gym Management, RankMath SEO tool, TempWorks Staffing, Recruitment software, and many more.

Restaurant technologies

New Industry Verticals

Many of our clients are already using Vainu Custom Industry (VCI) categories to achieve greater personalization at scale by identifying and targeting precise and meaningful segments. Since the launch of our proprietary industry taxonomy, we've been developing ways to make VCI data more accessible and usable. As such, 800+ Custom Industry categories are now available through Vainu's connectors for Pipedrive, HubSpotSalesforce, and Dynamics 365 CRM systems, and Custom Industry Confidence Scores are accessible through the Vainu API. This enables sorting your company lists based on the strength of the prediction with one simple API call–powerful for hyper-targeted sales campaigns and adding so-called next-best candidates to your ABM campaigns.

We've also updated our proprietary industry taxonomy recently with new categories, such as

  • Due Diligence
  • Digital Health
  • Data Protection
  • Platform verticals, e.g., AWS, Azure, Salesforce, and Cisco
  • Sales Enablement
  • Contract Management
  • Circular Economy
  • Customer Experience
  • Payroll, and many more!

Get a free list of 100 Nordic companies in exact industries

Click here to skim through the complete list of Vainu Custom Industry categories available for you today. You can also read this article to find out how organizations like Tesi and Sniffie–and we at Vainu–are using Custom Industries to create B2B target segments for sales, marketing, and research purposes.VCI and DynamicsMoreover, we recently made major updates to our Mass Export functionality, which together make mass exporting company lists from Vainu to your CRM more customizable than ever before. Get technographics and precise industry segments to where they matter the most–to your CRM. Our Connector is built for that!

API Updates

Vainu API can now return responses in CSV format, which, in some cases, can make it easier to work with the data. A CSV may come in handy, e.g., when importing Vainu data into an Excel spreadsheet (or some other application for data storage) and organizing the data to be used for analysis purposes or in other applications. You can read more about this update on the Vainu Developer Hub, a portal for building with the Vainu API. 

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Both the new technographics and Vainu Custom Industry categories are available as filters in the Vainu platform, as an Excel/CSV export, and through the Vainu API or in the form of a data dump (CSV, JSON). Important note: Vainu Custom Industry data is an additional feature.

Want to see what Vainu Custom Industry is all about? Download a list (>> here) of 100 Nordic companies from one of our precise VCI segments—it's free! Alternatively, start your free trial to discover how you and your team can benefit from plugging real-time company information into your daily business.

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