Updates on the Vehicle data view

We have revamped the visual design of the Vehicle view on the Company profiles to better highlight the key insights. We have also added five new, interesting data points to the Finnish vehicle data view.

This is how the updated Vehicle view looks like. First, select a vehicle type to see the detailed information of the vehicles, such as the model of the vehicle, the insurance company and the insurance start date, the power source, emissions, possession, the owner type, vehicle's carrying capacity, the owner of the vehicle, the first registration date, tire count and inspection type.

Vehicle data

New data points on the Finnish vehicle view

  • Used cars: the percentage of vehicles that have been purchased as used. This information helps you to know if the company tends to go for new or used cars. This information can also tell you about the company's level of price sensitivity.
  • Car change index: the percentage of the company's fleet that has been bought sometime last year. This information tells you how recently the company has renewed its vehicles.

Used cars and change index

  • Percentage of each gearing type: This indicates the company's preferences.

Gearing type

  • Inspection type and result: whether or not the vehicle has passed through the inspection. If the vehicle has not been approved in the inspection, this may, naturally, open up new opportunities for both services and an updated fleet.
  • Tire count: shows how many tires a vehicle has.

Inspection result and Tire count

Interested in utilizing vehicle data or want to learn more? 🚗Check out this article for more information or chat with us!

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