Q3 2022 Product Roundup: The release of Vainu Global and more!

Q3 2022 brought with it one of the most exciting—and largest—product releases in our company history: Vainu Global. After 8 years of focusing almost entirely on building, updating, and refining our Nordic company database, we've now launched our global company database. But that's not all that happened during Q3! In this blog, we'll be running you through our latest product happenings. Without further ado, let's dig in!

Launching Vainu's global company database

Vainu Global had been in the making for several years now—good things take time—but, fortunately, the wait only makes this moment so much sweeter. We're extremely happy to be able to offer you a solution that'll help you find new, potential customers from all over the world and that we can act as your one, trusted data vendor.

Vainu Global contains more than 60 million companies. If that wasn't enough, the number is currently growing by tens of thousands of companies every day. That's a lot of companies! But that's not all there is to Vainu Global. Here are the things that make Vainu Global so powerful:

Proprietary data points

Obviously, the true value of Vainu Global isn't the fact that it knows 60 million companies that exist in the world. The true value is the business-critical information that it has gathered about those companies.

Each company profile in our global company database comes with numerous important data points, such as:

  • Vainu Custom Industry
  • Countries of operations
  • Company size
  • Technologies
  • Website keywords
  • Website traffic
  • Website redirect information

Here's a list of all the data points available in our global offering.

Vainu Global

There might be many vendors out there providing similar data, but, according to our beta users, other vendors are unable to provide these data points at a similar quality, which we think is pretty great feedback. If you doubt the validity of that statement, then there's only really one thing for you to do: Test it yourself.

New search platform

With the launch of Vainu Global comes the launch of our new search platform. In our Nordic database, we organized data around business IDs, but with Vainu Global, we decided to do things a little differently. Vainu Global uses a website URL as a company's unique identifier, and this change is what warranted the creation of a new search platform. The new platform allows you to do a lot of nice things, such as:

  • Access company profiles
  • Create target lists
  • Upload and enrich your existing company lists
  • Export companies and up-to-date company data directly into HubSpot CRM through our native integration or into a data file

Access company profiles

Company profiles allow you to gain an overview of all the basic information of a given domain, such as office locations, industries, technologies, and more.

Company profiles in Vainu Global

Create target lists

On the platform, you can find and create a list of ICP companies by using the available filters. These filters have been categorized under four key groups: location, web profile, Vainu Custom Industry, and company size. A feature that's liked by beta users is Vainu Score, which has allowed them to sort companies based on their website popularity and allocate their scarce resources accordingly.

Vainu Global search platform

Enriching and exporting company lists

You can upload any of your existing company lists and have us enrich those companies with the data points you want. Just remember that those lists have to include a company's website domain for us to be able to match them with the companies in our global database. You can then rearrange your chosen data points so they appear in the order you want and download the company list as CSV or JSON file.

Exporting company lists

Vainu CRM Connector for HubSpot

With the launch of Vainu Global, we also launched a pre-built CRM Connector for use with HubSpot. This Connector matches companies based on their website URLs (domains) instead of the traditional business ID, which makes matching companies between our database and HubSpot CRM a much simpler process. If you want to know the ins and outs of the new Connector for HubSpot, check out this article.

Technologies in the Business ID Connector

Did you know that Vainu can recognize over 15,000 web technologies companies are using? Now, technology data is also available directly in Salesforce, Pipedrive, HubSpot, and Dynamics CRMs for all Vainu Connector users at no extra cost. Here's how you can start using technology data in your CRM:

  • Map the data point in Connector's Data mapping tab like you would map any other data point.
  • Choose an existing company property or create a new one in your CRM for this data. Technologies data is sent in text format, so choose a string field or similar format for the property.
  • You can use the data point both with company exports and data updates

For now, all technologies that we've recognized a company is using are selected, so we leave the sorting and filtering part to be done in the CRM.

Technologies in the CRMThe number of technologies we've recognized in a company is sometimes very high, which means that the technology data field can contain a long string of text: Make sure your CRM field allows enough characters to view them all. 🤓

New address data for 7500+ Finnish companies

Vainu’s Business Unit Address data in Finland has gotten a huge upgrade: We've added a new data source to our offering on company establishments, which means that around 7500 Finnish companies now have new address data under their locations. The establishments can be:

  • Actual establishments: A unit that is owned by one enterprise, or a quasi-corporate unit, located on one site and produces goods and services of mainly one particular type. An actual establishment generally has both personnel and turnover.
  • Ancillary establishment: A unit that supports the production of the enterprise’s actual establishments. An ancillary establishment can be, for example, a warehouse or a unit producing administrative or transport services. An ancillary establishment may have wages and salary earners but not turnover.

New location data in Finland

The data fields you can expect to find:

  • 'address'
  • 'city'
  • 'fax'
  • 'municipality'
  • 'office_name'
  • 'office_number' (a unique 9-digit number given by Tilastokeskus)
  • 'phone’
  • ‘postal'
  • 'region'
  • 'lat' & 'lng' (coordinates)
  • ‘Industry_codes'
  • 'staff_number_lowerlimit' & 'staff_number_upperlimit'
  • ‘start_date' (the date when the establishment started)

See this company, for example.


That's it for now! If you’re interested in trying out Vainu Global, drop us a line via our chat or sign up for a free trial. You get access to the entire database, so you can test if it’s something for you.

As a final note: Vainu Global is a separate product and requires a separate Vainu account. Also, we kindly ask you to bear in mind that if you already have our Business ID Connector for HubSpot CRM in place, you cannot use the Vainu Global Connector for HubSpot CRM simultaneously.

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