Connector Update: New Data Formatting Options Available

Vainu's connectors make updating and enriching your CRM records with real-time company data an easy process. An essential part of the integration process is data mapping. In this step, the desired data is chosen in Vainu and mapped to the appropriate data fields in your CRM. To offer more flexibility in the data mapping process, we've updated our connectors with new data formatting options. Let's see what this means in practice.👇

A new way to format data

There are just about as many ways and processes to use different CRM systems as there are companies. That is why the data mapping settings now include new data formatting options. A person with admin-level rights both in their CRM and in Vainu is usually the one setting up the data connection between the two. This person, who we at Vainu refer to as the Admin user, can now decide the format of certain data points when setting up the appropriate data mapping options. This change brings legacy format options as well as some new ones to the connector.

Here's a rundown of all the data points with new formatting options and the available formats:

Business ID

New formatting options_Business_ID

Data formats:

  1. Country Prefix
    • Without a dash (e.g. FI23356096), or
    • With a dash (e.g. FI-23356096)
  2. VAT number
    • Only for the Nordics (FI, SE, NO, DK)
  3. Trade register number
    • Finland e.g. 2335609-6
    • Sweden e.g. 55607475-5101
  4. Number only
    • e.g. 23356096


Country and Visiting country

New formatting options_Country

Data formats:

  1. Code
    • Alpha-2 code (e.g. FI), or
    • Alpha-3 code (e.g. FIN)
  2. Name
    • e.g. Finland


Industry list (Official)

New formatting options_Industry_list

Data formats:

  1. Name, code, and standard
    • e.g. Computer consultancy activities (620200, dk_db_2007)
  2. Code and standard
    • e.g. 620200 (dk_db_2007)
  3. Name
    • e.g. Computer consultancy activities


Industry (Official, first level)

New formatting options_Industry

Data formats:

  1. Code
    • e.g. 70100
  2. Name
    • Activities of head offices


Full name

New formatting options_Full_name

Data formats:

  1. First name + Last name
    • e.g. Jackie Smith
  2. First name + Middle name + Last name
    • e.g. Jackie Alva Smith


How to access new formatting options?

Navigate to your Integrated Apps through your Vainu account settings. Choose the connected app to access the Data mapping tool, and you're free to start editing the data formatting options.

Data mapping is available for Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics 365 Online CRM systems.

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Connector Update: New Data Format Options | Vainu Ella Tyrväinen

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