August Product Updates

Alerts Dashboard

Vainu's new Alerts dashboard gives you a 360-degree view of what's happening with your customers, prospects, and partners. At a glance, you'll always be on top of the recent developments in your target groups. You can decide which alerts you want to include in your dashboard. See for yourself and watch a 1-minute video below.


Spot the HOTtest leads in Vainu! 🔥

Now you can quickly discover the hottest topics in Vainu. By using AI similarity analysis and common-sense heuristics, we have highlighted the topics that appear in several media sources (e.g., one job opening in at least three different media sources). The flame icon points you towards those hottest topics, allowing you to be more precise on what’s happening in the companies.

Hot Leads EN

New look on company profiles

We’re happy to share the redesign of company profiles in Vainu. All the information is still there; we’ve just redesigned it to let you navigate easier and find relevant information more quickly – so that you can work faster. Take a look at the new look and we would appreciate any feedback you have. Just chat with us in Vainu!


New Company Card

Get Ideas 💡

Perhaps the most observant Vainu users have already noticed the new Get Ideas tab when creating new target groups. The purpose of Get Ideas is to give you new ideas and inspiration on how to discover new prospects. It comes as no surprise that often people tend to stick with options they are familiar with. That's why we've made exploring new options even more convenient.

For example, if you're looking for companies who seem to operate internationally on several markets, we've compiled three entirely different ways to approach these types of companies; internationalization signals, information in companies' web pages, and utilizing a specific registry. Take a look at the new Get Ideas tab here and scroll down to see all the ideas we've gathered. When you find the one you want to test out, click Select and enjoy the ease of sales prospecting!


Get Ideas EN

Vainu's user interface now also in the Dutch language

Great news for our Dutch-speaking Vainu users! Last month, we launched Vainu's user interface also in the Dutch language. If that is a more suitable option for you, log in to Vainu and change your language preferences from your Account Settings.


Vainu UI - Dutch

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