Vainu Custom Industries for personalization at scale

Relying on traditional industry classification in B2B segmentation is a thing of the past for all data-driven sales and marketing people out there: Vainu's 800+ Custom Industry categories enable you to create more accurate target segments to sell more by selling to fewer. Let us explain why we're so excited! 👇

What are Vainu Custom Industries?
How do Custom Industries work?
How do you benefit from using Custom Industries?
How can you start using Custom Industries?

What are Vainu Custom Industries?

One of the most common criteria for segmentation in B2B sales and marketing is the company's industry. TOL-2008 industry classification has been the standard in Finland, DB07 in Denmark, and SNI-2007 in Sweden, to name a few. The almost century-old SIC system is still widely used worldwide.

Since you're reading this post, I bet you, just like we at Vainu, too often finish up with endless target lists that include companies with nothing in common. It's because traditional industry classifications for B2B segmentation don't do the trick anymore—they are too generic, broad, or even incorrect.

For this reason, we have built our own AI model that uses website content and extensive training data sets to determine unique industries for each company. Vainu Custom Industries contains 800+ industries, which you can combine to create accurate target segments.

Watch a video below! 👇

How do Custom Industries work?

Instead of targeting, e.g., all software companies, you can build your target groups based on categories such as SaaS, 3D Technology, FinTech, or Artificial Intelligence, for example. With a few clicks, you can create your target lists using the new Vainu Custom Industry filter on the Vainu platform and then export your target lists for further processing.

Most companies have several Custom Industry labels so that you can build powerful combinations. You can target companies, such as "Nordic SaaS providers building marketing automation platforms" or "Medical device manufactures developing machine learning applications." 👇


Use Custom Industries in other platforms

You can feed Custom Industry data into other sales and marketing systems you're using as well, e.g., your CRM or marketing automation platforms, through our API.

👉 To see the complete list of the Custom Industry categories we have today, click here.

How do you benefit from using Custom Industries?

There are many use cases for Vainu Custom Industries:

  • Simplify lead and prospect qualification: Tag the companies in your CRM or marketing automation platform working with sustainability, cloud data services, or film production, for example — the possibilities are endless.
  • Personalize at scale: Combine multiple Custom Industries to personalize and target your campaigns to companies within the same micro-segment.
  • Increase conversions and revenue at a lower cost: Focus your sales and marketing efforts on the right companies.

How can you start using Custom Industries?

For Vainu users, Custom Industries are available on the Vainu platform as an additional feature. You can export your target list, including Custom Industries, as an Excel/CSV export. You can also use Custom Industries through Vainu's API or in the form of a data dump (CSV, JSON).

Want a small taste of what Vainu Custom Industries can do for you? Then you should consider downloading a list of 100 Nordic companies from one of our precise VCI segments—it's free! All you have to do is click here. Alternatively, click on this page to request a demo or chat with us about how Vainu Custom Industries can help fix B2B segmentation for you. We'll get back to you asap! 🚀

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