Get ideal prospects directly in your CRM

Define the criteria for your ideal prospects like the technology they should be using, company size, revenue, industry, vehicles owned, licenses granted and more, and get suitable prospects directly in your CRM, on a continuous basis.

With Vainu, get the advantage of 100s of data points you can use to pinpoint your prospects.

Find ideal prospects quickly and visually

Get selling opportunity alerts

Get handy alerts via Slack, email or in-app when Vainu detects a selling opportunity in your target market such as relocation, hiring, layoffs, funding, expansion; any kind of activity that signals a need for your product or services.

Monitor target companies for significant changes

Eliminate tedious account research

Before a sales call, view all the information about a company at a single glance in Vainu's platform, from company details to the latest company activities.

Using Vainu's Chrome extension you can view complete data about any company when scrolling through their website.

Access meaningful information on your target companies

Build and maintain a reliable data foundation

Clean and enrich your CRM records with reliable company information directly from the source. Set automatic updates to eliminate data cleanup forever.

Clean and enrich your CRM records with company information

Vainu connects seamlessly with your trusted sales and marketing tools

Enjoy real-time updates with our integrations. Build custom solutions with our API.
HubSpot Salesforce Dynamics 365 Pipedrive SuperOffice Upsales Zapier

Vainu has been one of our most important partners for company insights and sales enablement. They’ve helped and motivated us to develop our data-driven sales and marketing processes.

Lisa Johnsson
Manager, B2B CLM
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