Streamline your Sales Process and Increase Productivity with Zapier

Integrating Vainu with Zapier enables you to build processes that fit your way of doing things— not the other way around. You can focus on your most important work by automating manual tasks without writing a single line of code. Zapier allows you to connect Vainu with 2000+ apps to automate the processes and tasks you do daily and increase your productivity.

Zapier can automatically trigger workflows between Vainu and other applications you are actively using by combining Triggers and Actions to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called Zaps—complete your tasks automatically. Even though you most likely will feel like a superhero after creating your first Zap, setting up the workflows is very simple, and you can do that with a few clicks in Zapier. So, how to get started with Zapier?

Connect Vainu with 2000+ appsHow to get started with Vainu on Zapier?

The idea of Zapier is simple. You must first choose the Trigger (e.g., a new buying signal in Vainu) and the Action that Zapier performs whenever a Trigger is fired (e.g., add a company to a static list in Vainu). Zapier supports the following Vainu Triggers, Searches, and Actions:

  • Trigger - New Buying Signal: Triggers when a new buying signal appears in a prospect list of your choice.
  • Action - Add Company to Static List: Adds a given company to a selected static company list in Vainu if the company is found in Vainu's database.
  • Search - Find Company: Finds a company from Vainu with a given parameter. You can use this data, e.g., to enrich your CRM data.

Popular Use Cases with Vainu on Zapier

Now you know what Zapier is all about. Next, we'll go through the most popular use cases on how to link your web apps such as HubSpot, Pipedrive, and Google Sheets to pass info between these apps and Vainu to get more done! The question is, what do you want to automate today? Next, we're going to go through five example use cases on how to connect Vainu with Google Sheets and a marketing automation tool, HubSpot.

  • The first two examples are about focusing your time on the most relevant prospects and moving them forward in your sales process even if you're not using a CRM or haven't integrated your CRM with Vainu.
  • The third example is about automatically staying on track of all business-relevant changes happening in your customer base.
  • In the fourth example, we explain how you can fill your CRM pipeline automatically with new prospects and a data-backed reason to be in touch with them.
  • The fifth example is about enriching your inbound leads with Vainu's data.

Share prospects with your sales teams or partners

Vainu is an excellent tool for finding optimal prospects, but the challenge is often how they find their way to be processed further? Luckily, Zapier enables a simple way of exporting Vainu's company information into Google Sheets. These two workflows are the most common and simple—yet highly effective—workflows with Vainu on Zapier. With just a few clicks, you can set up a connection that will allow, for instance:

  • Adding company information to Google Sheets any time there's a new buying signal in your prospect list.
  • Pushing company information from Vainu into Google Sheets

1. New buying signal in Vainu → Add company information to Google Sheets

So, your prospect lists in Vainu are full of new buying signals. Now what? An extremely efficient way to move your prospects further in your sales process and follow the changes in your current client base if

  1. your company isn't yet using a CRM
  2. you haven't yet integrated your CRM with Vainu
  3. your company is using an outsourced booking agent.

At Vainu, we believe in the power of real-time sales—using data in every step of the sales process. New buying signals, i.e., changes within a company (recruiting, expansion, received funding, product releases, M&As…) open up new opportunities to make sales. They give you the kind of insights that you can use to personalize your outreach and be more relevant in your sales approach.

If your company is using an outsourced booking agent, exporting Vainu leads to Google Sheets is a great way to ensure that your prospect lists always have quality content to be timely in your outreach. This workflow also makes it easy to follow the changes in your current client base or among your most-wanted prospects, for example, when email Alerts straight from Vainu aren't your thing. In some organizations, Sales Team Lead or Sales Director may want to first to check out the newest leads and, after that, share them with the whole team. This workflow is great for checking the quality of the leads first!

Add company information from Vainu to Google SheetsIn short, when there's a new buying signal in the prospect list you've selected as the source, Zapier workflow is triggered and company information updates in Google Sheets. You can add several data points, such as company name, business ID, address, link to Vainu's company profile, and last but surely not the least, the buying signal that triggered the workflow to support and customize your sales pitch. You can find detailed instructions about how you can build the Zap yourself in Vainu's Help Center!

2. Push company information from Vainu to Google Sheets (+ a bonus feature)

This workflow requires the Zapier Google Chrome Extension. An efficient way to process your prospects further is by sending the best ones to Google Sheets for further processing with Zapier's Chrome extension. This workflow is especially useful if your company isn't yet using a CRM, or you haven't yet integrated your CRM with Vainu.

Whenever you enter a business ID or the prospect's company name into Zapier's Chrome extension, Zapier will search for the company's information from Vainu and add it to Google Sheets with the information found from Vainu. This way, you can save your time from typing in company information manually, and make sure you focus your time on the most potential companies by sending them to Google Sheets.

Oh, yes, and the bonus feature! The final step of this Zap adds the company into a static list in Vainu, which is a fantastic way of keeping track of companies that are already in your sales pipeline. If the case is, for some reason, lost, you'll have the prospect in your list waiting for better timing to be in touch with them again – remember to active Vainu's buying signals. Read here detailed instructions for how to build this Zap.

Push company information from Vainu to Google SheetsMake the most out of Vainu's data together with HubSpot

Zapier enables some amazing workflows for enriching contact data in HubSpot, as well as for bringing in the most relevant companies from HubSpot to Vainu. At Vainu, we strongly think that sales is neither only inbound nor outbound, but connecting the best parts of both worlds yields results. In Vainu, we talk about Smarketing, which is, in short, the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes, so they work together to achieve mutually agreed goals to increase revenue. Here are our favorite workflows between Vainu and HubSpot, but use your imagination when building your Zap:

  • Adding a company to a static list in Vainu after a deal has been marked as Won in HubSpot.
  • Adding company to a HubSpot pipeline after an interesting change has happened in your prospect list.
  • Enriching an inbound contact in HubSpot with Vainu data (useful, e.g., in segmenting, email automation and lead scoring).

3. Won deal in HubSpot CRM → Add the company to a static list

With the help of this workflow, you make sure that

  1. your current customers do not end up in your prospect lists
  2. you stay on track of all interesting and business-relevant changes happening in your customer base.
This workflow turns your new HubSpot contacts into companies in Vainu's static company list, so you'll get automatically notified when new sales opportunities or other essential changes in the companies on your list arise. In short, whenever a deal is closed as Won in HubSpot, the company is added to the static list you've chosen in Vainu (e.g., Current Customers). With this workflow, you can exclude your current customers when you're prospecting with Vainu, and you don't have to update your customer lists in Vainu manually to stay up-to-date on the latest changes that you should know about in your customer base. Read more here!

Zapier 34. Interesting change in your prospect list → Add the company to HubSpot CRM pipeline

In sales, timing is your competitive advantage—make sure your sales reps are reaching out to new prospects when there's a reason to do so. Vainu's native integration, Vainu for HubSpot, allows you to create automatic tasks assigned to the right person when there's a relevant change in your prospect pool. However, this Zapier workflow works equally well. Every time something interesting happens in your target group, such as projects, product launch, new hire, expansion, or whatever might be of your interest, a company is automatically added to the pipeline you've chosen in HubSpot CRM. This way, you can react straight away to interesting buying signals and continue the sales process in your CRM. Find out more here!

Zapier 45. New inbound contact in HubSpot → Enrich with Vainu's data → Add the company to a prospect list in Vainu

In lead and account scoring, you must decide which factors will increase the likelihood of a prospect to turn into your customer and then weigh these factors more heavily. Vainu is a powerful tool for creating this kind of a value system. This workflow is terrific for making the full use of both Vainu and HubSpot. By combining different Zaps, you can automatically enrich company information of an inbound contact in HubSpot with Vainu's data. A broader set of up-to-date company information helps you, e.g., in segmenting, email automation as well as in lead scoring and account scoring. You can process your inbound leads more efficiently when you receive all the necessary company information from Vainu when someone, for instance, downloads an eBook or requests a demo on your website. Learn more!

Zapier 56. Bring new Vainu leads straight to your CRM such as Salesforce or Pipedrive

What comes to sales, first come, first served. I bet you want to be the first one contacting a sales prospect when something significant has happened, increasing your chances of closing the deal. Since you (or your team) spends a lot of time plowing through heaps of data in CRM, wouldn't it be great to automatically include data points that can be converted into sales? With the help of Zapier, you can generate Salesforce tasks and opportunities from new buying signals in Vainu so that you or your sales team can swiftly act upon them. Furthermore, you can enrich Pipedrive organizations with new buying signals from Vainu to highlight which cases are warmer than others.

Zapier 7At this point, we've hopefully succeeded in giving you an idea of how you or your team can save time from time-consuming, manual tasks. To connect Vainu with 2000+ other apps, including HubSpot, Google Sheets, Pipedrive, and Salesforce, head to Vainu's Zapier integration page, where you can find a detailed description of each Vainu on Zapier use case.

If you're already using Vainu, let us know in the chat or email at, so that we can make sure that you have the right settings in place to access Vainu's company data.

What do you want to automate today?

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