7 X

More leads generated*

32 %

More conducted meetings**

50 %

Predicted revenue growth in 2017

Founded in 2004, aTalent is helping companies connect with and hire students and young professionals.



Helsinki, Finland





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aTalent Recruiting is a recruiting agency owned by the alumni and student organizations of Aalto University. Their mission is to help companies connect with and hire young professionals. In a heavily competitive market, profitable growth requires an ambitious and well-managed sales organization.

Looking for the best sales prospecting tools in the industry for their sales team, aTalent started using Vainu as early as 2015. With the help of Vainu, the salespeople of aTalent find qualified prospects fast and can also follow changes happening with their own named accounts.

Vainu has helped aTalent scale the sales team

Sales Team Lead Jesse Kinnunen reveals that Vainu has helped aTalent scale its sales team: "Being able to grow requires us to increase the headcount of our sales team. Vainu has helped us tremendously in being able to recruit new salespeople yet at the same time be sure everyone has enough high-quality prospects."

With the help of Vainu, aTalent can effortlessly find companies that raise funding or are on a growth path. In addition, all the companies which have (in Vainu's machine learning algorithm's opinion) indicated signals of expansion are valuable leads to aTalent. On top of that, companies actively hiring or with recently appointed HR decision makers are naturally highly valuable sales leads to aTalent.


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"Vainu has helped us tremendously in being able to recruit new salespeople yet at the same time be sure everyone has enough high-quality prospects. In addition, Vainu's Pipedrive CRM integration saves us an enormous amount of time."

Jesse_ innunen aTalent
Jesse Kinnunen

Recruiting Consultant, Sales Team Lead

Vainu's Pipedrive CRM integration has made prospecting more systematic

In 2017, aTalent wanted to make their sales process even more systematic and measure results more precisely. To this end, Vainu was integrated to their Pipedrive CRM system. According to Jesse, this has taken the use of Vainu to a whole new level.

"It might sound simple, but it is extremely important to us that when prospecting, our salesperson can immediately see whether an account is free to be contacted, or if a colleague is already negotiating a deal with them. Adding a new company in Pipedrive is now just one click away, when previously one needed to add all the information manually. The new integration saves us an enormous amount of time."

"To our Account Managers, it is extremely beneficial that they can easily follow what's happening at their own accounts through Vainu. There's no need to go manually through each account one by one; Instead, the integration sends an automated email notification every time something that's relevant to us happens in a company."

The team behind aTalent has also made multiple feature requests to Vainu. For example, when a new company is added to an already-existing target group in Vainu, the salespeople are notified of the new prospect matching their ideal customer profile.

Vainu's customer support receives a lot of praise as well, especially the quality of chat conversations: "That Mari of yours... She's the best!"

*aTalent has been able to generate 7.1 times more leads after starting to use Vainu-Pipedrive integration in May 2017.

**aTalent has been able to conduct 31.9% more sales meetings compared to 2016 with the help of Vainu.