Bring It On Q4, We're Ready!

While our sales teams have been busy in closing the third quarter of the year (hopefully you've been as well), our developers have created new, advantageous features in Vainu. We've added two new filters in Vainu: New Financial Statement and Open Positions in x Month. The latter may sound a bit cryptic, but the idea is simple yet extremely beneficial for salespeople.

New Signal: New Financial Statement

No matter what your company is offering, the financial status of a potential client is usually one of the leading criteria in sales prospecting. Great news for all salespeople using Vainu's Finnish database: You can now get an alert straight to your mailbox every time a company in your target group delivers the latest financial statement to the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. As a CEO, CFO, or a KAM responsible for the most valuable clients in your company, you most probably want to know, when these clients publish their financial status once a year. Watch a 1-minute video below (in Finnish) and learn how to get email alerts of the latest financial statements.



You can already discover firms based on their size or profitability with a few clicks in Vainu. However, for example, net income does not necessarily reflect the actual profitability of a company, and sometimes further analysis and interpretation is beneficial. Getting access to a broader range of financial information enables you to make better business decisions about your prospects and customers. What does this mean in practice?

For instance, that a bank can firstly, easily spot out and secondly, sort all companies that are most likely the ones that need financial services. For companies offering Staffing and Recruitment services, a high amount of paid salaries is a good indicator of a labor-intensive business. Thus, selling value through cost-savings should be reasonably straightforward for that kind of companies, don't you agree? For companies offering services related to, e.g., developing or educating personnel, high amount of paid salaries tells a lot about the company's need for continuous development and education of its employees.

Amount of Open Positions

If your domain is in Staffing and Recruitment Services, then you're most probably interested in companies that are recruiting new people at a fast pace. These kinds of companies have had a lot of open positions recently, which indicates both growth and a possible need for a helping hand in their recruitments. With the help of Vainu's new filter, Amount of Open Positions In x Month, you can quickly discover different sized companies that are recruiting heavily in proportion to their size. Simple yet extremely efficient way to focus your time on the most potential sales prospects.


Actively Recruiting EN


Companies' open positions are not only interesting for Staffing and Recruitment Agencies, but they also indicate the direction the company is heading: A company that is searching for a Marketing Manager with knowledge in HubSpot will likely focus on digital marketing activities in the future. Furthermore, the new Marketing Manager is most likely also open to new ideas and solutions. If a company is currently hiring an HR Manager, new solutions to support their HR processes might be on the company's radar shortly.

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