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Our global database gives you access to more than 70 million companies and 20+ proprietary data fields, making it easy for you to find ICP companies on a global scale.

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Accurate and up-to-date data 

Our algorithms analyze the existing company websites in our database every 60 days. This means that you can rely on our data to be accurate and up to date.

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Access comprehensive company profiles and always be prepared for B2B interactions.

Millions of companies at your fingertips 

Since we find and identify companies based on their website, we're able to provide data on an unprecedented number of companies. Currently, our database contains over 75 million companies, with that number currently growing by 100 000 every day.

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Every company website is its own data source 

Once we've identified a company website, our ML algorithms analyze it and produce proprietary data you won't find anywhere else, such as exact industries based on the Vainu Custom Industry classification model. Our unique collection of firmographic, technographic, and website-insights data makes it easy to find and strategically target more ICP companies.

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Valuable company attributes, accessible to Vainu users only.

Exact industry information and B2B vs. B2C classifiers

Get access to our proprietary industry classification system with 900+ unique categories. Classify between B2B and B2C using Vainu's confidence scores.

HQ location and countries of operations

Access the often so-hard-to-find information on the location of the headquarters and countries of operation of international companies with regional sales teams.

In-depth insights based on website keywords

We go beyond technographics and company descriptions. Our website analyzer provides you with company details on a keyword level facilitating efficient targeting.

Organization size indicators

If you're looking to target companies of a certain size, we've got you covered: Our ML-powered model classifies organizations into micro, small, medium, large, and enterprise categories.

Technology data

Our database covers 14K+ of the most popular web technologies companies use, divided into categories, e.g., Marketing Automation, CRM, Chat, and more.

Website traffic data

Offering anything website-related? We help you sort and target organizations based on their website popularity so you can allocate scarce resources wisely.

Delivery methods

Get access to rich company profiles with proprietary company attributes across your business systems through:
Vainu API
CSV Files
Web Platform
CRM Connector with HubSpot

More than 1100 organizations are choosing Vainu to close more business

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“For us to be effective in sales and marketing, the ability to identify and target SaaS companies is crucial. However, reliably finding SaaS companies isn’t easy to do at scale. Or, it wasn’t until we were introduced to Vainu Custom Industry (VCI) data, which helped us find thousands of new, relevant companies for our sales representatives to contact.”

Kaveh Rostampor

CEO at Planhat
“This is brilliant. Vainu Segments is exactly what we’ve been looking for. It allows us to prospect ICP companies in new markets at scale and automatically assign those opportunities for our SDR teams to reach out. The flexibility that Vainu provides when it comes to assigning companies and adding Tasks and Notes in HubSpot is very powerful.”

Andreas Ringstad

CMO at Pocketlaw
“We work with many enterprise-level HubSpot customers, and when implementing Vainu for one of our customers, Vainu’s HubSpot Connector provided an initial match rate of 99,55 %. Vainu provides our customers with several proprietary data points and helps us to keep our customer’s portal updated and clean, not to mention the benefits for segmentation and targeting for marketing purposes. We’ve already identified over 3,000 companies requiring an update based on domain redirect information.”

Nail Bedretdin

Growth Marketing & Analytics at Valve

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