Q4 2022 Product Roundup: One-To-One Search for Dynamics and More

In Q3 2022, we launched the largest product releases in our company history: Vainu Global, our global company database, along with a new, robust Vainu Connector for HubSpot. In the last quarter of the year, our teams have been working on finishing something pretty cool as well for the Q1 next year [😎], but in this article, we'll be running you through the last product updates for 2022.

One-to-one search for Dynamics

Vainu's one-to-one search for Dynamics allows you to search new companies directly in Dynamics by using Vainu as a data source–no need to leave your CRM! This solution gives you access to company information in real time right where you need it the most.

After the search has returned you the company you were looking for, you can easily create, for example, new accounts, leads, or opportunities to your CRM from within your CRM minimizing manual data entry and saving time. Head to our Developer Hub to get to know the inner workings and tech specs of the one-to-one search. 


New search filters

We've added a few new search filters to bring ease to finding and targeting your ICP accounts in Vainu Global, and here they are:

📍 Number of Countries of Operations & Locations

If you're targeting companies that operate in several countries, this is for you. These new filters, Countries of operation and Location count, are designed for identifying cross-sell / upsell opportunities.

Example: Filter companies that have operations in several countries, one of the locations being in Germany.

Location_GermanyExample: Regional sales teams might want to take any list of companies, such as "Existing SaaS companies in Sweden", and target the ones that have an office in a specific country like Germany, Sweden, or Canada, or filter the list based on the total number of addresses detected for the organization, i.e., Office location count.

CSV export

📍 Website language

This is useful for excluding/including sites that are targeting a specific regional/language audience.

Website in German

Vainu Custom Industry Confidence Score results estimates

Want to sell to SaaS companies, but 190,000 companies are too much? You can now increase the SaaS confidence threshold: The higher the threshold, the more "SaaSy" the companies in the list are. You'll see the number of results in real time without executing the search. If you just want the most obvious 10,000 companies, simply move the slider until you reach the desired volume.

Confidence score

Connector: A higher number of companies for CRM Mass Export

We've increased the mass export limit from 1,000 companies to 10,000 companies to make mass exporting company lists from Vainu to your CRM even easier. If you want to create thousands of ICP companies in your CRM with one click and check duplicates while doing so, that’s now possible. You can also add a Task and set your own rules on how to assign these cases to your SDRs and AEs. RevOps & SalesOps people will most likely find this quite handy! 💡

CRM Mass Export

Connector: Update only relevant web technologies to your CRM

Targeting companies that use Shopify, Zendesk, Salesforce, or any of the other 15,000 web technologies Vainu can detect? You can create a new CRM property and pick the technologies relevant for you to be sent and viewed in your CRM.

Technology data is available for all Vainu Connector users at no extra cost. You can use the data point both with company exports and data updates.

Pick up to 5000 technologies

API updates

Here are the latest updates to Vainu APIs:

  • Coordinates of the business unit's local registered address (latitude, longitude) are now available.
  • Signals API hardcoded 1000 limit can be overwritten with account_custom_bulk_export_limit similarly to Companies API.
  • Companies API has a new data field; technology_data_example_sites.

Sometimes it's important not only to know which websites use a certain technology but also to identify the actual subpage within a website that is using a specific technology.

Example: If you'd like to know websites that are using a certain inbound lead conversion app like Chili Piper, you can get results such as snowflake.com. However, with technology_data_example_sites, you can also identify the sub page where that technology is used, e.g., https://www.snowflake.com/contact/.

Or perhaps you're interested in finding out the specific pages that are using a recruiting platform Jobylon? Below you can see example subpage results. 👇🏾

API call

Page using Jobylon technology

Vainu returns max three (3) example pages per technology.

Three example pages per technology.


That's it for now! If you’re interested in seeing, for example, our powerful technology dataset in action to get insights on the users of a certain technology, drop us a line via our chat or sign up for a free trial. There are 15,000+ web technologies for you to explore, and you get access to the entire database. Stay tuned for the Q1 2023 product releases!

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