Vainu’s real-time sales offering now available directly in the CRM

Everybody knows the importance of data in B2B sales. Salespeople need to use information to find the best prospects, the ideal moment to reach out, and craft a perfect pitch. In this day and age, all the information is out there, so the question is, how do we get people to use data? That's why we're releasing a new version of Vainu. We call it Vainu for CRM.

What Vainu for CRM does is simple: it brings real-time company information natively into the CRM and automates workflows based on relevant trigger events uncovered from the information.

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Built around our company data platform, Vainu for CRM is our answer to a common problem: how to use real-time company data for every customer interaction. In the past, company data stored in the CRM has been difficult to consume, erroneous, outdated, or simply non-existent. Now, with Vainu for CRM, you'll get the latest data and the most relevant triggers automatically in your CRM so that you can move forward in the sales process. In other words, with Vainu for CRM, you'll have the information you need where and when you need it the most.

Beyond prospecting

Vainu for CRM is designed to make data as easy as possible to consume. And, for any sales organization, that place is their CRM. Once embedded into everything you do in the CRM, real-time company data will be hard to avoid. To bring company data into the CRM, we work hard to develop and add new capabilities to Vainu—and improve the existing ones.

As a result, Vainu for CRM puts real-time company information at the salespeople's fingerprints in every step of the sales process.

This is what you can do with Vainu for CRM.

  • Sync - Clean outdated or incorrect information, enrich your CRM with relevant data points, and always keep your database fresh and reliable.
  • Prospect - Find your ideal customers and build lists of prospects. Now you can also mass import a list from Vainu into the CRM.
  • Trigger - Track relevant company changes and automatically build workflows based on them.
  • Connect - View company profiles and context-dependent briefs inside the CRM to reach out with a personalized message.
  • Control - See the results of your real-time sales efforts and guide your team to even better results.

And, to create a frictionless user experience, everything runs fully automatically within your CRM.

How to Sell More with Company Insights

Sync: Build a data foundation for your sales and marketing

One of the major sources of frustration for salespeople is a messy CRM. Bad data will sabotage any sales effort. By connecting Vainu to your database, you guarantee you don't need to waste dozens of hours to fix your CRM data manually. It's simple: the connection matches Vainu's data to those companies in your database, corrects erroneous data, and appends any missing information to build a trustworthy and reliable data foundation for your sales and marketing.

The setup is straightforward, but under the hood, Vainu for CRM uses a groundbreaking matching tool to connect real-time company data to a CRM. Instead of merely matching based on unique global identifiers, the software compares the full extent of a company record to Vainu's database. Thanks to the high match rate, you can rest assured the right information reaches your database.

Set it and forget it

The connection auto-updates in the background, so your data always stays up-to-date. For example, when a new company is registered, the information will appear in your CRM within minutes.


Trigger: A sale starts with a change

Nobody is harder to sell to than a prospect unwilling or unready to buy. Trigger events or buying signals indicate an opportunity for you as a salesperson to reach out to a prospect. Staying on top of these changes, and more importantly, being able to react quickly is essential if you want to beat the competition and be the first one to connect.

With Vainu for CRM, you can choose a trigger event to automatically create tasks in your CRM whenever a change happens within your accounts. Every day, Vainu for CRM logs tens of thousands of changes within your accounts and ensures you get notified instantly. Staying on top of these changes guarantees you only reach out to a prospect when there's a data-driven reason for it.

Control: Prove your results

The promise of real-time sales nirvana has little value if you can't prove it. With Vainu for CRM, sales managers will have greater control over the sales process, and see what works and what doesn't. A dashboard shows the impact of your data usage and real-time sales efforts. You can also route opportunities to your team so that you can rest assured no opportunities go unnoticed.


Pricing and availability

Vainu for CRM is available now for four major CRMs: HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Pipedrive, and Salesforce. Additional CRM integrations will be released throughout the year.

The new capabilities are available free of charge as a part of existing Vainu subscriptions for the current subscription period. The rollout will start immediately.

Watch the video: Vainu for CRM



If you want to know more about how Vainu for CRM brings real-time company information natively into the CRM, our product specialists are happy to assist you. Sign up for a 30-minute free demo of Vainu for CRM here and find out how you and your team can benefit from using insights from company data in your daily sales business.

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