Mass Export: A single click to fuel your CRM with best-fit accounts

We at Vainu believe that real-time company data should be as easy as possible to consume. With Mass Export, you can fuel your CRM with best-fit target accounts with one click of a button, assign new prospects to your team members, and give context on why the prospect is worthy of reaching out. Mass Export brings ease to your B2B segmentation and executing targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Continue reading to learn how!

How does Mass Export work?

Mass Export allows you to send a list of up to ten thousand (10,000) prospects from Vainu to your CRM with one click.

  • You can select any of your saved company lists in Vainu with a maximum of 10,000 prospects and export the list directly to your CRM.
  • If the number of prospects on the list is less than 500, you can determine whether you want to assign the companies to a specific CRM user or distribute them to several users.
  • If the number of prospects exceeds 500, the prospects will be unassigned in the CRM.
  • Vainu also checks for possible duplicates between Vainu and your CRM and lets you decide which ones you want to export.
  • You can select a tag for your list of prospects for easier segmenting and targeted sales and marketing campaigns.
  • For the time being, you can mass export to Account objects in your CRM.

Use cases for Mass Export

Spend less time sales prospecting

Add new accounts with the information you need to your CRM with ease and save more time for closing sales. Vainu also informs you about the possible duplicate accounts you're about to export. This way, your CRM stays cleaner.

Identify and segment your ideal accounts

Find your ideal customer based on 100+ filters in the Vainu platform. Export the list of prospects to your CRM and include a Vainu segment label to be used later on in perfecting your B2B segmentation and outreaches at scale.

Make sure your team focuses on the right accounts

In many sales teams, one person or a dedicated team takes care of sales prospecting and focuses on a specific target segment. By using Mass Export, you can assign prospects to a specific team member, or distribute them evenly between the team members based on the target segments they're primarily focused on.

Give context on why the prospect should be acted upon

Let your team members know the reason why they should be in contact with that account specifically. An interesting appointment in the company's top management? A new technology the company has started using? Maybe your existing customer has just filed for bankruptcy? You can use the Vainu segment labels, which will appear as a unique data field in your CRM, and provide necessary context explaining why this company should be reached out to.

Vainu Segments in CRM

Execute your account-based marketing campaigns with ease

Identify your target accounts for each sales and/or marketing campaign. Add a descriptive segment label for the accounts you're about to export. You can use the segments later in executing your campaigns when it's time to compile your target lists.


All you need to start using Mass Export is a Vainu subscription, including the Mass Export functionality and appropriate user permissions both in Vainu and your CRM. You can get to know the details in our Help Center article. Mass Export is available for Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and Dynamics 365 Online CRM systems.

Want to know more about Mass Export or Vainu in general? Our product specialists are happy to assist you! Chat with us or request a demo of Vainu here and find out how you and your team can benefit from plugging real-time company information into your daily business.

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