Starting point

All the businesses in a target market

Every piece of information we collect needs to point somewhere. We've partnered with local business registry holders to guarantee the best possible coverage on businesses within each market.

All the businesses in a target market

Data collection

All information of interest

If it's out there, we're looking. We scan through hundreds of thousands of data sources, both public and private, finding relevant information on companies in our database. Our sources include company websites, social media, news outlets, press releases, legal filings, public registries, and many more.

Data collected from millions of sources

Data transformation

From raw data to meaningful information

Most data isn't helpful as is. With a combination of machine learning and data processing techniques, we refine the raw data to find information that matters, and make it available on each company profile.

Transforming raw data into meaningful company information

Data verification

Comprehensive quality checks

Information is pointless unless it's something you trust. We use a mix of data processes, skilled QA experts, and an active community to spot and correct any misinformation. The database is refreshed in real time to avoid outdated information.

Fresh and reliable information through comprehensive quality checks

What does this lead to?

A platform that turns raw data into powerful company information
and feeds it into sales and marketing systems in real time.
Company profile Industry Location Financials
Technologies Website Social media Financial development
Employee changes Operational changes Marketing changes Negative changes
Technology changes Group structure Vehicles CRM data


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country databases

By enriching the company profiles directly in our CRM, we are now able to put real-time information directly in the hands of the salesperson. Vainu helps us prioritize our activities and to be more productive.

Christer Wredemark
SMB Sales Manager
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