More flexible data mapping to keep your CRM data up-to-date

Data mapping—defining the information you want to sync between Vainu and your CRM system—is now easier and much more flexible. Every CRM is different, and these latest updates enable you to build workflows between your CRM and Vainu in a number of ways. Now you've more opportunities to keep your CRM data fresh and reliable. Data mapping is available for the following CRM systems: HubSpot, Salesforce (and Salesforce Sandbox), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, and Pipedrive.

What does data mapping enable?

Data mapping between your CRM system and Vainu is an essential part of Vainu's native CRM integrations and required for you to be able to:

  • Export companies to CRM. Select which CRM data fields are added or enriched when you export a company from Vainu to your CRM.
  • Keep CRM data up-to-date with automatic or manual updates. Select which CRM fields are updated automatically in real time when the information for the company changes. This is to maintain a reliable database and avoid manual data projects.
    Note! Automatic update is only available for Account/Company/Organization.

What has changed in the data mapping?

More ways to export data

From now on, you have much more flexibility to export prospects or build workflows between your CRM platform and Vainu. Vainu's new connector supports exporting to multiple CRM objects. Depending on your platform, you can select the following CRM objects as destinations:

  • HubSpot: Company / Contact / Deal / Task
  • Pipedrive: Organisation / Person / Lead / Deal / Activity
  • Salesforce: Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity / Task
  • Dynamics 365 Online: Account / Contact / Lead / Opportunity / Task


CRM picklist values included for mapping

When the CRM field you've selected includes picklist options, Vainu automatically detects all the available values in the picklist and includes them for selection. For example, if you need to define the source for companies exported from Vainu to your CRM, you can use a predefined value, such as "Offline sources," in your CRM's Lead Source field.


Possibility to add custom text to your data fields

In most cases, the picklist option should already give you the option you're after. However, in more complex cases, you can map data fields in your CRM with custom text to add context or important information to your data updates. For example, if you’re monitoring accounts to launch account-based marketing campaigns, you can update a data field in your CRM object with custom text saying “ABM campaign Q3/2021.”

Custom input

Workflow Triggers available for export

Trigger objects, i.e., Events, Change in any data point, and New companies in a target group are available for export. Integrate Vainu to your CRM platform by using our updated connectors, and you’ll get to see relevant changes in your target accounts directly in your CRM system as they happen. With Workflow Triggers, you can track virtually any change in any company. Check out this article for more info on Workflow Triggers.

How to get access to the data mapping settings?

Data mapping is available for HubSpot, Salesforce (and Salesforce Sandbox), Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, and Pipedrive CRM systems. Want to discuss more how Vainu's connector could work to lighten your workload? Reach out to us in the chat or email at

Already connected your CRM with Vainu and want to try out data mapping in the new connector? 👉 Read detailed instructions for data mapping.

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More flexible data mapping to keep your CRM data up-to-date Ella Tyrväinen

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