Easily find sales opportunities with the new website keyword frequency filter

Checking out a company's website is a phenomenal way to gather knowledge about your potential customers. A company's website is full of useful information that you can use to determine if a prospect is worth your time.

But no salesperson has time to deep dive into every company website. Instead, searching for relevant keywords can reveal best-fit prospects with the click of a button. 

The keywords used on a company's website will tell you a lot about the organization, its daily business, and its needs and help you get more pointed in your approach. These insights will ultimately help close business. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to create prospect lists by looking at keywords on companies' websites.

In Vainu, you can search for keywords to create a list of companies that mention such keywords anywhere on their website. Look for "ISO-9001," and you'll have a list of companies whose websites say "ISO-9001." And that means you'll quickly find companies heavily invested in quality management.

How often those keywords appear on a website can better indicate how devoted a company is to a specific topic. That's why we've improved keyword searches by adding a frequency filter, so you can differentiate the companies that mention a keyword many times from those who might just write it once.

Knowing how frequently a keyword is mentioned on a company website can help you in different ways:

  • Sort all companies based on keyword frequency. For example, you can rank companies according to how often they mention "free trial" on their website.
  • Find all companies that mention a certain keyword more than X times. This allows you to determine what companies are heavily invested in a particular topic.
  • Analyze how companies use different keywords.

Next, let's see how website keyword frequency works.

How often certain keywords appear on a website can better indicate how devoted a company is to a specific topic. That’s why we’ve improved keyword searches by adding a frequency filter.

How website keyword frequency works

Website keyword frequency allows you to track, filter, and sort results based on how many times a keyword appears on a company website. 

Take this example. Let's assume you'd like to identify the companies that organize a lot of webinars. Maybe you're one of the webinar platform vendors in the space, or maybe a consultant coaching webinar speakers on using their voice effectively. 

Vainu finds more than 350,000 unique company websites that mention "webinar" on their website. Our new website keyword frequency filter helps you narrow down your list of prospects and discover the companies that mention a keyword repeatedly.

That large number is overwhelming. But with website keyword research frequency, you can set a threshold too, for example, at least ten mentions on a site. Then, the list of results gets down to 22,967. That's a more manageable list of prospects. Raise the threshold to over 100 mentions, and the number of results is 6,494. And, if the limit is 300+ hits, then you'll only have 1,481 companies left. If your ideal customer profile consists of companies with a high focus on webinars, those 1,481 companies should be your target segment.


Use cases

Ultimately, website keyword research frequency can improve many different steps of the sales process. It goes beyond sales prospecting and creating lists of prospects. 

You can use this filter to improve your account scoring models. For example, one of our customers wanted to prioritize companies invested in corporate social responsibility. Therefore, companies that frequently mention keywords such as "csr reporting", "environmentally friendly", or "energy efficiency" on their websites will get a higher score than the ones that mention those words only once or not at all. 

Keyword research is also useful to find new sales opportunities at the right time by triggering actions in your business systems any time a company mentions a key term a number of times. One of our customers wants to get notified every time a company mentions a keyword such as "digital twins" more than three times on their website. 

How to get access to website keyword frequency search?

For Vainu users, website keyword frequency is available through our API as an additional feature. Later on, this feature will also be available on the Vainu platform as a filtering option.

👉 For detailed descriptions of the new keyword frequency data points available through Vainu's API, take a look at our Data Catalog's Website data -tab

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Mikko Honkanen

Mikko Honkanen is Vainu's CEO and Co-Founder with a strong background in SaaS industry and B2B sales.