Christmas Came Early This Year

In Finland, all salespeople among others are challenged by the darkest month of the year. Luckily this year, Christmas came early not only to Finland but to other Vainu countries as well, since there are great, new features to play within Vainu.

Person’s other companies

Now you can find links to other companies, where the person is a decision-maker, in Vainu's Company Profiles. We're gradually adding this valuable information to the Company Profiles' Employees section.

Other Companies

Group level, consolidated figures

Based on our users' feedback, we've changed the way consolidated, group-level numbers regarding Revenue and Employee count are displayed in Vainu. From now on, you can find the consolidated, group-level numbers also in the Financials section, and these same numbers are used as a basis for finding new companies. What does this mean in practice? Before, some of the "big fishes," i.e., the parent companies of big corporations may have been unintentionally excluded from your search. Now, as the parent company's revenue is the sum of its subsidiaries, it's a lot easier to spot out these significant players in the markets. The situation may have been the other way around as well: Perhaps, you've been searching for small- and medium-sized companies, but these parent companies (with often low revenue) have been teasing you in sales prospecting. So, hooray for the consolidated figures!


Group revenue and employees

Updates in the Buying Signals category

You can find a new filter, Link to source, in the Buying Signals category. It will allow you to filter Buying Signals from a specific domain, such as "" or "" Quite handy, if you want to include or exclude information only from specific sources.


Link to Source


We've also added new kinds of Buying Signals to the Finnish database, such as taxi, cargo, and public transport licenses. Needless to say, that getting this kind of information in real time is extremely valuable for companies selling or leasing products, such as vehicles, or for companies providing services like repair or maintenance for vehicles. Furthermore, insurance companies should keep an eye on these kinds of new permits.

You can also find new alcohol licenses in the Finnish database. Surprisingly, there are quite a few businesses targeting restaurants, that can use this information for their benefit, e.g., interior designers, breweries, security services, staffing services, cleaning services, and accounting firms, to name a few.




For the time being, you can discover new licenses in Vainu by using keywords. Our tech team is at this very moment investigating potential data sources for similar permits in other countries as well.

One more thing! Vainu's Finnish database has also been enriched with 80 000 branch offices, such as schools, doctors, therapists, and daycare service providers.


Branch Offices_Finland

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