What's New for Vainu Global Users

Last week we released a whole lot of new datasets and features for our Nordic customers. You can check out the full update here. There are also several new features for those customers who use our Global, domain-based (website URL) company database together with HubSpot CRM. Here are the highlights for all users of the Vainu Global database.

CRM filtering for streamlined sales prospecting

We brought the super handy CRM data filters to the global database as well. Now you can tap into your valuable CRM data in sales prospecting! CRM filters help you streamline your sales process. You can

  • exclude the organizations already in your CRM from your target groups to focus on finding completely new sales opportunities
  • narrow down your search to the companies you already have in your CRM for finding, e.g., new upsell / cross-sell opportunities
  • filter based on the case owner and deal status (Open, Won, Lost).

Simply activate the CRM filter and select whether you want to include or exclude existing CRM companies.

CRM filters in Vainu

đź’ˇCRM filtering tips to focus on your best cases

Here are some examples of how you can make the most of the CRM filters.

1. CRM System

Work smarter, not harder. Focus only on new cases and exclude all the companies already in your CRM from your search with the CRM System filter.

2. Open deals

Time is money, and you want to make sure you’re focusing your time and efforts on your best cases. Sort your cases based on their potential. Select Open deals and sort your cases based on your most important ICP criteria, e.g., number of employees, turnover, industry, technologies, specific event–whatever those criteria may be. Which companies are financially in the best shape?

3. Lost deals

Maybe last time, the timing wasn’t on your side. Perhaps your offering now better fits a company’s needs? Have some of your target accounts grown a lot, or maybe implemented a technology your offering integrates with? Reopen the deals you’ve previously lost. You can filter all your lost cases by choosing the Lost deals filter.

4. Won deals

You can check out your existing client base for upsell opportunities. To see all your current customers, filterWon deals. Use the Owner’s email filter to filter someone’s named accounts.

CRM information in the company profiles

When you connect Vainu with your CRM, we show you some critical CRM data in Vainu profiles. You’ll immediately see if the company already exists in your CRM, who owns the case, and if there are any open deals associated with that company.

For many companies, sales efficiency is a key area this year, and this feature is an excellent way to ensure you take advantage of every opportunity within your ICP!

CRM information in Vainu


Single company export to CRM

Mass export allows users to create hundreds or even thousands of new organizations in the CRM with one click–one of the most used features in Vainu. Now you can also export organizations to your CRM one by one. So, if your workflow includes creating new companies on a daily/weekly basis, this is a feature you’ll like a lot.

You can also create other company-related objects in each export: A Deal, a Task, and/or a Note.

💡 A Task could include a SalesOps-generated sales pitch for a specific campaign. It's also useful if you want to notify the sales team about any new opportunities and track the campaign’s success.

Exporting other company-related objects


Usage dashboard

Vainu Global is designed for data enrichment and revenue intelligence. Most of our customers access Vainu data and insights directly within their CRM. For Vainu’s main users, it’s important to know the overall volume of updates coming from Vainu. Within our Usage page, main users can quickly see how many companies we’ve matched between your CRM and Vainu. We also keep track of your CSV exports.

Soon, we will add more data insights on the dashboard, such as API usage, the number of mass and single company exports & more.

Data usage dashboard in Vainu

The CSV export workflow is also fresh; you can easily select and preview the columns you want to include in your file.

Customizable CSV export


We're inviting pilot users to try out some of the new global proprietary data points we’re working on, such as:

  • Company similarity / look-a-like data (my personal favorite)
  • Backend/cloud technologies that typically aren’t available in technographic datasets because they can’t be detected by looking at certain scripts on the company websites. We focus on technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kafka, Kubernetes, BigQuery, Redshift, Amazon S3, Snowflake, etc.

That’s it for this release. If you want access to 60+ million companies globally, contact your Customer Success person (if you’re already a customer) or request a free trial.

Also, if you have any questions, please drop us a line via our chat. Our support team would be happy to help.

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What's New for Vainu Global Users Mikko Honkanen

Mikko Honkanen is Vainu's co-founder with a strong background in SaaS industry and B2B sales.