24% increase in sales

by using Vainu's data in sales and marketing

170k companies enriched

with Vainu's CRM-connector

Telavox is providing a unified communications platform for businesses all over the Nordics. 



Malmö, Sweden





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Adamant in their belief that it’s only when everyday communication is easy that people are able to share ideas and knowledge, Telavox has sought to make company-wide communication simple. Today, they are doing just that by helping more than 15.000 companies simplify their communication across several channels. Ever since they were founded 20 years ago, Telavox has had one clear goal: becoming the world’s most forward-thinking unified communications platform for businesses. 

That Telavox is innovative and agile is unmistakable,  improving processes for their commercial teams is a high priority: “We always strive to optimize how we work with sales and marketing to be able to deliver better and even more tailored communication solutions to Nordic companies. Innovation is deeply rooted in our culture,” says Björn Tideman, Head of Commercial Excellence at Telavox.

Telavox and Vainu’s story together began in early 2018. At the time, the solution was basic, and it wasn’t integrated into Telavox’s current business systems. However, with the emergence of new verticals, the implementation of a new CRM system, and changes in business needs, the use of real-time company information became more extensive. This new solution included tailored Vainu integrations, which allowed for the injection of Vainu’s company data directly into Telavox’s sales and marketing software. Today, the companies maintain a strong partnership, with Vainu being the sole supplier of company data for Telavox.

A well-defined ideal customer profile and tailored integrations quickly yielded results

Telavox first started using Vainu with the goal of improving their customer segmentation and simplifying their prospecting process. At this time, a small group of salespeople worked directly in the Vainu platform, but without integration to the current CRM. But, after they made the decision to switch CRM provider to HubSpot, Telavox started looking into which additional possibilities that a complete Vainu integration could provide. Which sales and marketing activities could Telavox save time from by having access to additional data points? And, how could Vainu best be integrated to suit the needs of the different teams?

In collaboration with Vainu’s Customer Engagement team, Telavox was able to create a detailed profile of all potential customers in the Nordics. Equipped with this ideal customer profile (ICP), it was easy to segment out their target companies and import relevant company data directly into HubSpot. “In the past, we have had a so-called “shotgun approach” to the markets that we have been active in and the markets that we want to enter. But, with Vainu’s help, we’ve really found our focus, and we have since seen an increase in both hit-rates and sales”, explains Martin Helgestad, Business Analyst at Telavox. There has also been an additional data enrichment project, which includes updating industry codes and basic company information on all existing HubSpot accounts. Today, the integration automatically enriches data on 170.000 companies via Vainu’s CRM connector.

Telavox case study1(Photo: Telavox)

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"Vainu has made us see the value of unique data points that help us be more relevant than our competitors. We already know how we add value for our customers, but the timing has been a hard nut to crack–that’s where Vainu comes in and gives us good prospects to contact at the right time”.

BT (1)
Björn Tideman

Head of Commercial Excellence


Furthermore, upon review of Vainu’s comprehensive data selection, Telavox realized that their sales teams could benefit from additional data points. Consequently, two additional integrations were developed: with Zapier, Telavox enriches all accounts with technographic data (systems that are being used), and, with Vainu's API, Telavox is able to place full company profiles directly into HubSpot. “Thanks to Vainu’s embedded company profiles, our meeting-bookers have cut down the time it takes to prospect companies with around 50 percent. The front-end experience and integrations that Vainu offers has been a strong contributor to our simplified sales processes,” ads Elisabeth Norberg, Business Analyst at Telavox.

Workflow Triggers from Vainu enables meaningful dialogues with highly valued accounts

Telavox's sales department is divided into several verticals with different customer segments. To get a better understanding of their largest accounts, the enterprise team saw a need for a greater depth and breadth of company data. The solution was a tailored API integration that notifies salespeople directly in the CRM system when relevant company changes, trigger events, occur.

Björn Tideman shares: “Vainu has made us see the value of unique data points that help us be more relevant than our competitors. We already know how we add value for our customers, but the timing has been a hard nut to crack–that's where Vainu comes in and gives us good prospects to contact at the right time". Björn continues to explain how trigger events from Vainu have helped salespeople adapt their dialog and approach: “We need to understand the different parts of the customer organization: what systems they use, how they grow in other markets, what their results have looked like, group structure, whether they lose profits or staff… Vainu provides us with this information directly in HubSpot. Now our salespeople know exactly what to talk about when they reach out”.

A constantly developing collaboration

Telavox and Vainu’s business relationship has grown to become a partnership, which is driven by a desire for innovation, and a willingness to change and improve existing processes. The next step for the partnership is to continue building on the existing, internal smartbound strategy by integrating more data points into existing marketing workflows. Among other things, Telavox and Vainu have started an account-based marketing project to sharpen marketing campaigns, as well as having successfully developed a lead scoring model, which is able to deliver high-quality leads to the sales team.

“Constructive collaborations are worth their weight in gold, and when you find your cultural equivalent, it’s bound to be good! We are clear in our communication and expectations and Vainu delivers on all points. We are very happy for our partnership with Vainu ", concludes Björn.