Ella Tyrväinen

Ella Tyrväinen

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The What, Why and How of Trigger Events in Outbound Sales

In sales, being lucky is in your hands. Your expertise, your networks, and your contacts will boost your luck-o-meter, but when the stars are not aligned—and usually they aren't, tapping into modern technologies and data will undoubtedly increase your chances of closing a deal.

A study by CSO Insights shows that almost half of salespeople feel they don't have enough information before reaching out to a prospect. Acknowledging this, it comes as no surprise, that according to Forrester, only 22% of salespeople are very effective at personalizing content for every buyer interaction. What makes this equation even more problematic is that modern buyers expect an even more relevant, personalized approach than they did a few years ago. Buyers are more knowledgeable when they have their first interaction with you, and they expect you to meet them where they are in the buying journey.

To learn how not to fall into these statistics, continue reading further about the what, why and how of tracking and acting upon trigger events.

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