Vainu Segments give SalesOps superpowers

SalesOps, RevOps, and Sales Enablement teams have significant influence over their organization’s financial outcomes and sales results. One of our new features in Vainu Global is called Vainu Segments, and it’s designed for Sales Operations people and HubSpot CRM main users.

The idea is simple. Vainu Segments allow you to create almost any imaginable Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) segment and mass export those companies to HubSpot. These companies can then be assigned to SDRs & BDRs, who receive a Task highlighting the required messaging for that campaign. All without creating any duplicates and/or unnecessary changes in existing companies’ ownerships in CRM.

Next, let’s walk through this workflow step by step.

Creating an Ideal Customer Profile segment

Sales and marketing should focus on companies that fit the ICP for their products and services. The reasoning is simple: They’re much more valuable to your organization than any other company. You might already be aware of many of your ICP companies, but knowing the total addressable market (TAM) can be a challenge.

With Vainu, you can build very well-defined lists with powerful search parameters. Here are a few examples:

  • All SaaS companies in EMEA that are currently using Intercom and have a link to “Help Center” on their website

  • All mid-sized circular economy companies in the US

  • All IT consulting companies that state to be “certified Microsoft partners” on their website

  • 5,000 largest fashion e-commerce companies based on web traffic that use Shopify

Vainu Segments pic 1

Vainu Global allows you to execute those searches against a global database of more than 60 million companies. Once you have the results, they are ready to be exported to HubSpot CRM.

Mass export to HubSpot

Vainu's Connector for HubSpot makes it possible to export thousands of companies to your CRM with a single click. But how does it work? 

First, Vainu detects if any of the companies in the segment you’ve created already exist in your CRM. We do this by comparing the domain (website URL) of your HubSpot companies with the domain data field in our database.

Vainu does not create duplicate records. For example, if a company with the domain already exists in your CRM, we don’t create another company with the domain even if that’s part of the segment in our search. New records are only created for the companies that do not already exist in your CRM. If your search includes 322 results and 200 of them already exist in CRM, only 122 new companies will be created.

Include Vainu Segments

However, both the newly-created and the already-existing companies in your HubSpot will receive a Vainu Segment label in your CRM. A new company property called “Vainu Segments” is automatically created, and that property will be updated with the value that is the name of the search in Vainu. If your search in Vainu is saved as “IT Management/Consulting Microsoft partners”, that’s the value you’ll see in each company’s Vainu segments property. If one company is part of multiple ICP searches, it will have multiple values in that property.

Vainu Segments pic 3

The power of details

By default, we do not reassign existing company ownership in your CRM. Whoever owns the company in HubSpot will remain the owner of the company unless SalesOps decides to overwrite the companies’ owners.

Naturally, the new companies won’t have an owner yet. In this case, we give the user three options:

  • Leave them unassigned (no owner in CRM)

  • Assign them all to one person

  • Assign them evenly between two or more salespeople

This choice also applies to existing, non-assigned companies in your CRM.

Vainu Segments pic 4

When exporting companies, you can also include other company-related objects such as tasks, notes, and deals. Tasks and notes are especially useful here. A note could include a tailored campaign text, for example, a SalesOps-generated sales pitch and messaging for these companies in the campaign. A task is useful if you want to notify the sales team about the new opportunities and also track the success of the campaign.

Let’s use that same example again. You’re exporting a saved Vainu search called “IT Management/Consulting Microsoft Partners” to HubSpot. A note could include the desired approach that sales should use when speaking with Microsoft partners. Creating tasks at the same time helps SalesOps to make sure salespeople take action and actually reach out to these companies.

Vainu Segments pic 5

What does it look like inside HubSpot?

Many salespeople organize their daily work around tasks in HubSpot. When SalesOps creates a new campaign, salespeople will see some new tasks being created automatically for them. If the task is well written and includes a note, it’s very easy for sales teams to take action and execute the campaign.

HubSpot's company view can also be modified to be as informative as possible. Editing which company properties are visible and their order in HubSpot allows you to bring the powerful Vainu data in front of all salespeople.

Mass exporting ICP companies will enrich and update all those company properties you’ve selected in the Connector settings. Vainu Segments, notes, and tasks are not the only useful data points here. You can also bring very powerful industry data, selected technographic data points, web traffic information, and a variety of location-related data points, such as HQ location, countries of operations, and the number of business locations for each company.

Vainu Segments pic 6

SalesOps and Sales Enablement functions were introduced to improve efficiency for sales teams and to arm those teams with better insights. Vainu Segments is a powerful tool to steer the salespeople towards the right opportunities and allows SalesOps to personalize the outreach at scale. And, since it’s so deeply connected to HubSpot, tracking the outcome of these newly created tasks is an easy way to track the return on investment in these campaigns.

How do I get access to Vainu Segments?

Vainu Segments is part of Vainu Global—a global database containing more than 60 million companies—which can be tried out free of charge. Start your free trial here.

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Vainu Segments give SalesOps superpowers Mikko Honkanen

Mikko Honkanen is Vainu's co-founder with a strong background in SaaS industry and B2B sales.