Pietari Suvanto

Pietari Suvanto

Pietari is one of Vainu's Co-Founders and has started the first international Vainu offices in Stockholm and Amsterdam.

How to Leverage Company Data in Different Customer Segments

Customers come in all shapes and sizes. The type of company data you look at and the methods you use to make sense of it should depend on the nature of your business and your ideal customer profile.

When you're about to set up a framework for your data usage, you should first ask yourself about the resources you allocate to acquiring one single customer. Are your sales and marketing resources allocated to dozens, hundreds or thousands of customers or prospects? Depending on the answer, you'll need different types of company data and data analytics methods to improve your total sales.

Maximize your Marketing Results with Rich Data about Sales Prospects

We have been fortunate to have lot of success in Vainu when it comes to sales prospecting, thanks to our own prospecting platform. Our B2B sales teams are able to identify the right prospects at the right time and significantly increase conversion rates.

Reason You Should or Shouldn't Join Vainu

Nowadays lot of people visit our office and ask how we've been able to grow so fast. The answer is simply that we've been great at recruiting – getting the right people in and keeping them. In the history of Vainu only a few people have left the office and not coming back. A cynical investment banker might argue that it's not a healthy employee turnover rate – the goals and expectations are simply not set high enough if people are not leaving.

1 million in sales is a buy-in for the SaaS table

Next year will be the first time that percentages really matter for Vainu. After one million in sales, SaaS companies typically start expressing their growth from percentages to headcount. It sounds much better when you say we’ve grown 1000 % this year rather than recruited 25 people. Next year, if we grow only a third of that it means we need to recruit 75 people. That is a whole bunch of people.

In B2B sales nothing has changed - except everything

We have been very active in the Nordic market for a while now. I decided to reflect on a few findings we have made when discussing with sales people and professionals and of course following the social networks. My perception is that lot of people are aware that doing modern business requires modern sales tools and new methods. But what and how, there’s no clear consensus. Here’s our take:

Market entry as a service

”…So sitting for many hours in a local pub and having our first ”management meeting” (yeah, there’s sarcasm in that) we finally came up to a conclusion what our internal slogan should be – the one that guides us every day we walk in to this sub-rented shed in the suburbs of Helsinki. We came up with the slogan ”It’s about getting things done”. No matter what we decide, we get it done. Now when we are having the software in order our focus is on getting it to the market – and you know what, we have a great tool to help us achieve that!”

Where to focus in start-up?

The long wait has come to an end. For me and Mikko, I would say the wait has been there for years - to start a company of our own. Now it has finally come to something concrete - and can't wait to get it all started. It has been a dream for a decade and the biggest mistake would be not to fail in this but not to take this chance.

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