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April Product Updates Roundup: New in Vainu API

Following our API-first philosophy discussed in the Vainu Developer's Hub launch, our API is the first place to get your hands on new datasets. In the past month, we've updated our API with new datasets related to technologies, organization size indicators, and website traffic. Moreover, we've made valuable improvements to our Data API. Here's a rundown of the latest API updates.

Connector Update: Independent data mapping for data updates and exports

The processes required to keep CRM records up to date and reliable are often laborious. For many sales and sales operations teams, these processes cause frustration and it's understandable why. In this day and age, not a single sales team should have a hard time updating CRM records. Luckily, with the help of Vainu’s connectors, sales teams and CRMs may finally get along! Our recent update gives sales teams of all sizes and types control over the level of automation and methods regarding their CRM data updates.

March Product Updates Roundup

The year has been off to a busy start here at Vainu as we've sought to further develop and refine our offering to make company data as easy and actionable to use as possible. We've already shared a few of these updates with you, and now we'd like to share some examples of the latest additions to Vainu's technographics and proprietary industry taxonomy, Vainu Custom Industry.

Five major improvements in the Mass Export

With Mass Export, you can send company lists to your CRM, assign these companies to your colleagues, segment them, and give context on why this company, in particular, would be worth contacting by using descriptive tags. Sending your company lists to the CRM is now highly customizable to suit more diverse needs. Five updates critically improve both the usability and speed of Mass Export. Who doesn't love efficiency! Let's check out the updates, shall we?

Connector Update: Vainu Custom Industries available for CRMs

Vainu's 800+ Custom Industry categories are now available through Vainu's connectors for Pipedrive, HubSpot, Salesforce, and MS Dynamics 365 Online CRM systems. With the help of Vainu Custom Industry categories, you can sell effectively to the right verticals, prioritize your most profitable industry segments and approach them with relevant messaging.

Vainu Developer Hub: All-in-one portal for building with our API

Vainu's very-first Developer Hub makes Vainu's proprietary data available through the API. It ensures that all organizations have the opportunity to implement company data into the systems they're working with. The hub is designed for SalesOps leaders, CRM vendors, data scientists, developers, and partners—anyone looking to access our company data to discover and sort the best-fit companies, build integrations, applications, or even more complex solutions.

Vainu's Developer Hub also includes top use cases and an App Showcase section that lists close to 20 pre-built solutions for getting Vainu insights directly to world-class CRMs. Let's dig in and see what the hub is all about!

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