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One-to-one company search for Salesforce

Excellent news for our fellow salespeople and marketers using Salesforce CRM! At Vainu, our favorite topic is real-time sales: aligning sales and marketing around up-to-date company information and acting on those insights in real time. And as you may know by now,  real-time starts with building a trusted data foundation.

We want to help you take the first steps on your real-time sales and marketing journey. And because of this, we're introducing a simple, yet powerful tool that integrates with Salesforce, giving you access to basic company data for building that data foundation. The best thing is that this will cost you absolutely nothing.

Updates in Vainu's Finnish database to help you benefit from Vainu to the max

What a month it has been. Many business owners have been forced to look for alternative ways to bring in revenue, and at Vainu, we saw the usage of our prospecting tool grew with 12% last month. For most of our customers, adapting to these challenging times has meant rethinking how to benefit from Vainu to the max. Here are a few new updates to the Finnish Vainu database to smoothen your sales prospecting.

Streamline your Sales Process and Increase Productivity with Zapier

Integrating Vainu with Zapier enables you to build processes that fit your way of doing things— not the other way around. You can focus on your most important work by automating manual tasks without writing a single line of code. Zapier allows you to connect Vainu with 2000+ apps to automate the processes and tasks you do daily and increase your productivity.

Upcoming Updates in Vainu's Dutch Database

We've great news for all Vainu users in the Netherlands! Over the upcoming weeks, we will be enriching the Dutch database with multiple new data points. Furthermore, the users of the Dutch database will see the quality of some of the existing data points increase. Let's dive into the latest additions!

Vainu’s real-time sales offering now available directly in the CRM

Everybody knows the importance of data in B2B sales. Salespeople need to use information to find the best prospects, the ideal moment to reach out, and craft a perfect pitch. In this day and age, all the information is out there, so the question is, how do we get people to use data? That's why we're releasing a new version of Vainu. We call it Vainu for CRM.

How group structure filters can unearth prospects operating worldwide

At Vainu, we help you interpret company data from millions of sources, and for that, we've added a new set of filters that is incredibly beneficial to your sales prospecting process. With the group structure filters, you can discover firms according to the countries or number of countries where they operate. 

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