Enrich Salesforce With Vainu’s Real-Time Company Data

With more than 100,000 concurrent customers and a host of accolades to their name, Salesforce is a giant within the CRM software industry. Offering a full range of cloud-based features and functionalities, Salesforce has for more than a decade been helping its customers streamline their communicative efforts with prospects, helping them close more (and bigger) deals and grow their bottom line.

That already sounds like a pretty sweet deal. However, Salesforce is only as valuable as the data it stores. Clean and accurate data will make your processes run smoothly, but working with unreliable and erroneous information is a miserable experience.

Maintaining a fresh and reliable CRM database isn't easy—and no, your salespeople shouldn't update it. Fortunately, in this age and day, there's no shortage of solutions that promise insights and information on almost any company worldwide—and can deliver that information directly to your CRM.

The Vainu Connector is one of those solutions. It allows you to automatically update, correct, and enrich your CRM with information from our 75 million-strong company database. Trust us when we say data enrichment has never been so easy.

In this article, we'll walk you through the ins and outs of the Salesforce Connector. More into watching videos? In that case, this one is for you! 👇🏽


Connecting Vainu and Salesforce is easy

You might think setting up this type of connection would be a resource-intensive task, but you can implement the Vainu Connector yourself in no time. No big implementation project. No external consultants. Just plug and play.

Although essential, we'll skip over the more practical aspects of establishing a connection between Vainu and Salesforce. If you want to learn more about that, you should check out our Help Center article on the integration process.

Match, map, and update

There are three steps in the connector process, which can be summarized in the following triad: match, map, and update.

Company matching

Company matching links organizations from Vainu's extensive company database to companies already in your Salesforce CRM based on a specified parameter, such as a business ID, company name, address, or domain. You can read more about the company matching step here.

Salesforce matching

Data mapping

Data mapping lets you "map" data fields in Vainu to the appropriate data fields in your CRM. So, for example, you might map the Company: Name data field in Vainu to the Account Name data field in Salesforce. Read this article to learn more about the different data fields available for mapping.

Data Updates

With Data Updates, you can ensure your CRM records stay current. Automated data updates running in the background will keep your existing data more accurate and reliable and give you access to even more relevant data points about your potential and existing customers. You can read more about Data Updates in this Help Center article.

With Vainu's highly customizable Connector settings, you'll maintain full control over what data properties you want Vainu to enrich or fix, in what form, and when.

Salesforce data updates

What can I do with all of this data in Salesforce?

"So, the Vainu-Salesforce connector has been established; what now?" I hear you thinking. We want to take this time to highlight a few use cases that pop up regularly among our customers.

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Keep your CRM records accurate and up to date

Establishing the Vainu Connector makes maintaining a reliable and accurate database hassle-free.

Vainu can identify and update incorrect or outdated data with automated data updates, letting you avoid troublesome manual data entry projects.

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Create precise target segments

The more data points you have in your database, the more pointed and precise your B2B segmentation can be, and the more you can effectively personalize your communication.

For example, by combining firmographic and technographic data points, you can create segments like this one:

SaaS companies in Finland that use Salesforce and have over 50 Employees.

With access to lots of data, sales and marketing teams can create meaningful target segments, allowing them to personalize their approach at scale.

Time for a plug: Vainu Custom Industries is an AI model that Vainu developed in response to the outdated nature of official industry classifications. It identifies unique company industries to help facilitate even more relevant B2B segmentation and targeting. Check it out.

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CRM filtering

CRM filters help you streamline your sales process and tap into CRM data during sales prospecting. You can:

  • Exclude the Accounts already in your CRM from your target groups to focus on finding completely new sales opportunities
  • Narrow down your search to the Accounts you already have in your CRM for finding, e.g., new upsell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Filter based on the case owner and deal status (Open, Won, Lost). 

CRM filtering

Mass Export

Exporting one company at a time is an incredibly time-consuming and arduous process. For that reason, Vainu created the Mass Export feature, which allows you to send a list of up to ten thousand (10,000) companies from Vainu to your CRM with a single click. That’s a lot of time saved. If you’re interested in learning more about the feature, then make sure to read our Mass Export article.

Mass Export to Salesforce

Give SalesOps superpowers with Vainu Segments

Once you've created a target segment and you're ready to export it to Salesforce, you can:

  • Tag the companies in that segment with descriptive segment labels visible under your Accounts or Leads.
  • Easily identify the appropriate Accounts or Leads for, e.g., targeted sales campaigns, once they’re in the CRM.
  • Use the segment labels as customizable notes, such as short, SalesOps-generated sales pitches.

Automated prospecting

Once Vainu and Salesforce are connected, you can automate your sales prospecting and make finding new potential customers a walk in the park.

For example, when a new company meets your specified criteria, it can automatically be added to your CRM, which almost feels like a cheat code to sales prospecting.

You can also set up automated alerts and automatically trigger CRM tasks based on changes that have occurred within your target companies, such as whether it's appointed a new CEO.

Unfortunately, these changes often go unnoticed. But by setting up these automations, your salespeople will never miss a sales opportunity again.

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Personalization at scale

Vainu can help sales and marketing teams achieve personalization at scale.

With access to a wealth of data points, such as industry categories, technologies, employee count, and the latest organizational developments, your commercial teams can tailor their sales outreach and marketing campaigns.

Your teams might even end up knowing your potential customers better than they know themselves.

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Testing environment: Salesforce Sandbox

We understand that injecting large amounts of data into your Salesforce database can be a bit nerve-racking. That's why our connector supports Salesforce Sandbox.

This Salesforce feature allows you to test out any and all of your potential CRM filters and data updates without the risk of corrupting your production data.

It's a closed environment entirely independent of your actual CRM, which means you can take the data for a test drive before fully integrating them into your system.

Other valuable Vainu-Salesforce features

Disclaimer: The following two features aren't related to the way in which you can use the data that the Connector would put inside your CRM.

However, they are significant quality-of-life features that improve the usability, experience, and effectiveness of working in Salesforce and are very popular amongst our existing Salesforce customers.

One-to-one search for Salesforce

By adding Vainu as an external source, you gain access to one-to-one search for Salesforce, which allows you to add new accounts to your CRM directly in your CRM—no manual data entry required, and no need to leave Salesforce.

All you have to do is turn to your trusty old search bar, search for the company, find it under external results, and then add it as an account. It's that simple. But, to see how it works in practice, check out this short video:


If you want to know more about the one-to-one search for Salesforce, check out this Help Center article.

Vainu View

Vainu View allows for the embedding of Vainu's company profile data in any system that supports iframe embedding, which Salesforce does.

As it's tough to compress hundreds of company data points into Salesforce in a digestible and useable way for salespeople, Vainu View presents a huge improvement in the usability of Salesforce for salespeople and other customer-facing personnel.

It might sound like hot air, so, as an example, for one of our customers, Telavox, having these embedded company profiles cut the time that meeting bookers spent prospecting by 50%. It can be a little tricky to describe, but check out the video below to see it in practice:


Sounds good—what now?

The Vainu Connector enables sales and marketing people to get information about your target accounts in Salesforce. This helps them make better-informed decisions, helping to grow that bottom line.

Plus, as we said earlier, it doesn't take long to establish the connection, whereafter, it doesn't require much manual labor from you. Wins all around.

If any of that interests you and you'd like to hear more about the connector or perhaps take it for a spin yourself, please feel free to contact us via our chat or sign up for a free trial.

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