Mikko Luhtava

Mikko Luhtava

Mikko is Head of Communications at Vainu, interested in brand communication, football and New England Patriots.

5 Proven Ways to Prospect Better Using Website Technology Data

Having a hard time finding new leads? If you haven’t already, try using the website technologies found on a company's website to go hunting for hidden gems. Prospecting based on a company’s tech stack may be commonplace amongst IT consultants and digital agencies, but the data works just as well for those less familiar with website technologies.

A look at Vainu's new social media filters

Our tech team is constantly doing somersaults and backflips to make complex data sets on the web simple and accessible for salespeople worldwide. Most recently, this meant updating our UI to get ready for new updates — circle the 5th of November on your calendar to find out what the future will look like.

Guide for Sales Prospecting in Creative Agencies

While modern marketing methods are the foundation on which creative agencies are built, their sales prospecting often leave room for improvement. Inbound marketing will help you reach the prospects already following you, but how can you identify the future customers who aren’t already your fans?

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