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Toyota Finland

Finnish importer and retailer of the Japanese car manufacturer.



Helsinki, Finland





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During the last few years, Toyota Finland has put more effort on B2B sales. To support this effort, they’ve started using Vainu. For Toyota, Vainu is more than a system provider. “Vainu provides us with a prospecting tool, and the team shares their sales wisdom with us,” says Jussi Granberg, Field Sales Manager.

In Finland, Toyota operates through an importer and 54 retail stores. Before they started using Vainu, Toyota Finland primarily found new prospects through static lists of companies close to the stores within target industries. These lists were created by the importer for the retailers. Sales reps then went through the listings, and according to Granberg, they often weren’t too happy when the job finished.

The lists were outdated, included duplicates and were mostly frustrating for a rep to use. With Vainu, retail stores can now do the prospecting work individually, which has sparked the long-lost joy of cold calling among Toyota sales reps. Vainu-collaboration is not limited to access of their prospecting tool. Toyota is also taking part in Vainu’s Sales Academy; a B2B sales seminar.

Show me the meaning of having customers

Tommi Juuma is a successful sales rep from Toyota's retail store in the city of Raisio, and is portrayed by Granberg as a professional and hardworking modern salesperson. For Juuma, Vainu provides a more natural way to get in touch with the customer. “The person on the other end of the telephone line pays better attention to what you have to say when you have actual knowledge about their company.” One time, Juuma noticed that a certain company was looking for a new employee and gave the company manager a call. “It was an easy way to start the conversation by asking how this new person is going to travel to all her meetings,” Juuma tells with a smile on his face.

Overall, Juuma is happy with the versatility of the prospecting tool. One time, they were looking for a specific kind of construction companies close to their store. “We draw a circle on a map, in Vainu, that was 25 kilometers in diameter. Then we filter out all but construction companies that have less than 5 million in revenue and less than 25 vans. The list of companies included only companies we needed to find with zero exception,” Juuma recalls.

Granberg, who works for the importer, works daily with Vainu to find target groups to share with retailers. One of the many ideas was to offer service packages for local companies that own Toyotas but don’t actively maintain their cars at Toyota stores. “First we imported all the active customers to Vainu. Then we searched for all the local companies that have Toyotas and excluded all the active customers, resulting in a list of potential customers that we should give a call,” Granberg chuckles.

In another case, a deal once deemed lost was resurrected. “There was a prospect our sales rep had spoken with earlier, and according to the rep, the prospect had chosen to work with a competitor. To our surprise, Vainu vehicle data revealed that they hadn’t acquired cars from competitors either. The rep gave the company a new call which resulted in a multi-vehicle sale. This was especially great as this was one of the smaller stores which rarely received deals as big as this”, Granberg recalls.

Vainu is more than just a tool

The collaboration between Toyota and Vainu is more than that of a platform provider and user, as Vainu also helps Toyota develop their B2B sales. The way Vainu does sales has impressed Granberg from the start. “The first contact I received from Vainu went exactly by the book. I downloaded an e-book, and as I started to read it, Lauri called me. I was surprised, but Lauri was quick to reveal that it wasn’t a coincidence.” Granberg recalls and goes on to say: “I was like… wow! This is how it should work!”

Toyota Finland is one of the companies that got a spot from the first Vainu Academy, which is a four-part sales training program. Company representatives have only been to the first of the four sessions, but are already enthusiastic. “We were impressed by the Vainu playbook and the atmosphere at the Academy. We listened carefully, and think it was an excellent idea to take part in this. Next thing to do would be to figure out our ideal customer profile...” Granberg states.

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"We were impressed by the Vainu playbook and the atmosphere at the Academy. We listened carefully and think it was an excellent idea to take part in this."

Jussi Granberg
Jussi Granberg

Field Sales Manager

A spectacular tool

Vainu is a tool to help both the sales reps and managers alike. Juuma estimates that he saves up to 80% of the time spent on prospecting by using Vainu. “Without Vainu, I would need to visit the company website, YTJ (Finnish Patent and Registration Office), different social media and also company owned vehicle database. Now it’s all available straight from Vainu,” Juuma sums up.

Granberg reveals that the cold calling hit rate (less than 10% before Vainu) is more than two times better now that the reps are utilizing Vainu. “It’s magically high, something like 23%,” Granberg says and sums the interview by quoting his colleague: “A veteran sales rep with a 30-year career, said he has never seen software as spectacular as Vainu.”