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Key takeaways

  • Axla Logistics has stayed true to its Ålandic roots with a passion for providing top-notch logistics services to e-commerce companies in Finland and Sweden.
  • The Head of Sales and Marketing at Axla, Andreas Ögård, knew that increasing the number of sales and brand awareness meant they needed to start doing things systematically.
  • Vainu had all the right features, so choosing us as their company data provider was a no-brainer.
  • Going from 20,000 random companies to 1,000 strategic target companies enabled Axla to shift its efforts to serve the prospects that truly matter.

The company

Axla Logistics, a division of Åland Post AB, specializes in e-commerce logistics. Established nearly a decade ago, it underwent a significant transformation in 2019 to prioritize logistics services while maintaining its core commitment to packaging and distribution. Today, Axla not only fulfills orders in Finland but also aids Swedish e-commerce firms in optimizing their logistics, particularly across the Sweden-Finland route.

The challenge

Axla, seeking to digitalize its sales and marketing processes, partnered with Joona Kapanen from MicroMedia, a leading B2B marketing agency in Finland. The collaboration aimed to implement new systems, including HubSpot CRM.

Joona identified that Axla had an unsystematic approach to sales and prospecting, and with 20,000 e-commerce businesses in Finland, Axla needed to refine its target market. During their collaboration, Joona developed a clear understanding of Axla’s Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). As such, he recommended Vainu to Andreas Ögård, Axla’s Head of Sales and Marketing, as a tool to help Axla find its best-fit prospects.

“By targeting, searching, and filtering, we found our true ICP that we were then able to add to our prospect lists.”

Andreas Ögård

Head of Sales and Marketing

The use cases

Finding Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) prospects

Due to the specificity of their ICP, Axla was unable to effectively pinpoint companies that matched the profile with conventional company data.

However, with Vainu's comprehensive filtering capabilities, such as the Vainu Custom Industry (VCI) and website keywords datasets, Axla was able to easily identify prospects that used various e-commerce platforms and pinpoint companies that fit their ICP to a tee: Finnish retailers with specific shipping requirements. 

The benefits

Saving time

Time is often equated with money, so saving time naturally translates to saving money. By starting to use Vainu, Axla significantly saved both time and money.

Previously, Axla spent a significant amount of time manually searching for companies online using search engines. Now, with Vainu’s company search platform and the Vainu CRM Connector, all the data they need is delivered directly to their HubSpot, streamlining the entire process.

Increasing pipeline and driving growth

One clear benefit of saving time is that it frees up valuable hours that can be used to contact more companies. By simplifying access to essential company data through Vainu, Axla not only saved time but also significantly improved its efficiency in reaching prospects. This led to noticeable improvements in their outreach efforts and subsequently increased their sales pipeline.

However, Axla wasn’t just reaching any prospects more efficiently—it was targeting Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) prospects. With the Vainu Custom Industry dataset, Axla gained valuable market insights, enabling them to make informed decisions about which companies to focus on, ultimately driving growth.

The collaboration between Axla Logistics and Vainu, guided by Joona Kapanen’s expertise, demonstrates how strategic partnerships and data-driven solutions can propel businesses toward success. By embracing digital transformation and refining its target market, Axla Logistics is poised for continuous growth and success in the competitive e-commerce logistics landscape of Finland and Sweden.

"The pipeline has grown immensely and our investment in Vainu will soon be, if it is not already, net positive.”

Joona Kapanen

Strategy Director

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