Greenstep uses Vainu's data to find and target best-fit prospects at scale


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Account-Based Marketing (ABM) Campaigns

Greenstep uses Vainu’s data to create personalized sales and marketing campaigns at scale.

Centralized Lead Generation and Lead Qualification

The analytics team injects Vainu’s data into a BI powerhouse for effective lead generation and qualification.

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Key takeaways

  • Greenstep helps companies in the Nordics and Estonia grow by providing them with a wide range of services from financial and consulting to implementing software.
  • Greenstep looked for a solution for an effective account and sales pipeline management.
  • Vainu’s company data is injected into a data lake for effective lead generation and qualification and personalized sales and marketing campaigns.
  • A customized company search gives a 360 company view of any account in their systems at the touch of a button.

The company

Operating through 10+ offices in Finland, Sweden, and Estonia, Greenstep’s 500+ expert staff help their clients grow by overseeing their accounting and payroll responsibilities, providing interim or part-time CFOs and HR Managers, and implementing business analytics and ERP software. The wide selection of services attracts a diverse clientele, ranging from startups and growth companies to expert organizations of all sizes.

Consequently, Greenstep needs to be able to identify and prioritize new business opportunities effectively. For that reason, real-time company information is a necessity. It helps Greenstep with client management as well as their sales and marketing processes.

The challenge

Greenstep first started using Vainu in 2017. At that time, it was a much smaller company, and the scope of Vainu usage was relatively limited—a group of client managers used the platform to find new business opportunities and follow their existing client base. In the five years since then, the business has been booming, with the number of employees at Greenstep having grown almost five-fold.

As often happens, growth fuels complexity. In Greenstep’s case, effective account and pipeline management soon became an issue. To combat this issue, Greenstep realized that they needed two things: centralization of their lead management processes and access to more data.

“What differentiates Vainu from its competitors is the UI’s simplicity, the scope of the data, and the easy-to-use API that serves well in building complex solutions. Vainu also provides good sparring and consultation.”

Jonathan Teir

Head of Analytics at Greenstep

The solution

Personalization at scale through centralized lead generation and qualification

Today, Greenstep injects Vainu’s company data from Finnish and Swedish companies into their centralized data repository through Vainu’s API. “We offer a broad range of services and software under various brand names. Therefore, we must be highly systematic in the way we approach our existing and potential clients. A centralized lead generation process is a must in our organization,” explains Jonathan Teir, Head of Analytics at Greenstep.

Greenstep practices both inbound and outbound tactics in its lead generation process and hone both through precise targeting and personalization. Teir highlights how virtually every company in their target markets is a potential new customer, as Greenstep’s offering is not limited to specific industries or companies of a certain size. However, the technologies in use, as well as a company’s general situation, make some companies’ business potential greater than others. Effectively targeting and capturing these types of organizations is a priority.

Implementing a personalization-at-scale approach means figuring out which data points and what kind of messaging could be relevant for each target segment. To do this effectively, Greenstep wants all the necessary data to be accessible at a single touchpoint. Thus, they've integrated information from Vainu, Pipedrive CRM, and a marketing automation platform into a centralized data lake.

Vainu facilitates effective targeting by providing the essential information Greenstep uses to identify the companies with the most promise: Companies’ financials, technographics, and key decision-makers. Once the best-fit companies have been identified, they’re sent to Pipedrive as leads. Teir also explains how they connect Vainu’s data to the companies visiting their website for improved lead scoring and qualification, giving the teams more time to dedicate their efforts elsewhere.

Account-based marketing (ABM) campaigns

When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one, and Greenstep knows that. Vainu’s data is crucial for creating targeted segments for personalized campaigns–and doing so at scale. Greenstep applies a one-to-few marketing strategy and targets, e.g., LinkedIn campaigns, toward a smaller group of potential customers who share specific characteristics. For example, it could be that they have a new integration in BI Book. The latest offering is best-fit for companies within the Microsoft environment. Vainu’s technology data enables Greenstep to identify which companies the product is relevant for. These companies could then be targeted on LinkedIn. How? Thankfully, creating matched audiences in LinkedIn’s campaign manager is straightforward since Greenstep gets the LinkedIn page URL straight from Vainu.

“Vainu’s data is essential for our business.”

Jonathan Teir

Head of Analytics at Greenstep

Less complexity and better visibility in account management

Greenstep gathers relevant company information from various systems, e.g., Vainu, Pipedrive CRM, and Netsuite ERP, to a BI-reporting system, BI Book. This is to help their sales and account management teams make better-informed decisions. Greenstep has built a company search that gives a 360 company view of any account in their systems with a touch of a button: “We want everyone in Greenstep to have access to real-time data,” Teir says and continues: “For example, comparing a company’s turnover with our invoicing data, we get one key figure that can point us to work towards the most potential clients.” Greenstep uses webhooks to send triggers, i.e., company changes, to their reporting system. The next step on their agenda is to get carefully selected trigger events sent directly into their CRM as they occur.

Easy-to-use API for building more complex solutions

We asked Teir to comment specifically on how Vainu’s API has worked for them: “Vainu’s API works extremely well. It’s optimized for microtransactions, which is good when applying the real-time approach. I don’t see that there are any technical limitations to using it. You can get all the visible data in the UI and use it however you like.”

Teir strongly believes that, within a few years, every larger company in the Nordics that has the resources to invest in knowledge-based management will use Vainu’s data in one way or another. “The barrier to injecting company data into various spheres of business gets lower. Teams in analytics, reporting, and finance will definitely use Vainu’s data more in the future—not only sales and marketing.”

Learning and growing together

The cooperation with Greenstep and Vainu has developed while Greenstep continues to grow.

Teir explains why they’ve expanded the usage of Vainu’s data:

“Vainu’s data is essential for our business. There are competitors in the markets providing partly the same basic company data. What differentiates Vainu from its competitors is the UI’s simplicity, the scope of the data, and the easy-to-use API that serves well in building complex solutions. Vainu also provides good sparring and consultation.”

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