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Copenhagen, Denmark



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Key takeaways

  • Billetto is a Nordic ticketing platform and events community operating in 14 European markets and selling over 2 million tickets per year.
  • Billetto was looking for a data provider that had more than just basic data and whose data covered the entire Nordic region. 
  • With Vainu's support, Billetto was able to understand their ICP better and thus focus on the right companies, increasing their conversion rates.

The company

Billetto, a leading Nordic ticketing company and events community, has been making waves across Europe with its innovative approach to event ticketing. Present in 14 countries with a focus on Denmark, Norway, and Sweden (with an upcoming expansion to Finland in the works), Billetto has been at the forefront of modernizing ticketing solutions. 

The challenge

Before integrating with Vainu, Billetto faced several key challenges:

  • Limited access to rich B2B data in Denmark, hindering nuanced market strategies.
  • There was a need for more comprehensive data than basic company information available to competitors.
  • A desire to differentiate market strategies for enhanced conversion rates.

“We only had access to very static B2B data, so very basic information such as company name, VAT number, address, number of employees, [and] revenue, which is fine if you don't know that you could get more than that, but it is also somehow limited because that's what all your competitors get and you don't get the newest data necessarily,” says Martin Nørtoft, Chief Sales Officer at Billetto.

"When we chose Vainu, it was because we could get access to e-commerce data, social media data, we could get access to whether the company was still active, we could do keyword search, we could do so many other things than just basic filtering data."

Martin Nørtoft

Chief Sales Officer

The use cases

More leads and a better understanding of the market

Through working with Vainu's data, Billetto was able to improve their understanding of their ideal customer profile (ICP) and create more new leads that were actually relevant. "We wouldn't have been able to generate as many relevant leads or get the same kind of market insight if we had subscribed to our traditional B2B database," explains Martin Nørtoft, Chief Sales Officer at Billetto.

Enriching incoming leads

With Vainu's ability to match companies in your database to the ones in ours based on VAT numbers, Billetto was able to start automatically enriching its new customers. "So when we get a new customer in, we actually take that VAT number, and then we enrich it with Vainu data, meaning that we have more information about our existing organizers than we did have before," explains Martin Nørtoft, Chief Sales Officer at Billetto. 

Staying up to the latest changes with Slack notifications

Recognizing the importance of timing, Billetto integrated Vainu with Slack in order to stay up to date with the latest changes in their target companies. "We have integrated Vainu with Slack, which is also really good... we will get the most relevant notifications, and we will be able to proactively contact these companies and make sure we stay ahead of our competitors," explains Martin Nørtoft, Chief Sales Officer at Billetto.

"[Vainu] should have a hundred percent market share in Denmark... There's no objection other than price that is valid, and the price objection will only be valid if you don't understand the return on the investment."

Martin Nørtoft

Chief Sales Officer


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