2 months

Until the first deal from Vainu


ROI in 1 ½ years


New prospects from Vainu

The real estate consultancy company works on behalf of commercial tenants.



Stockholm, Sweden





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The real estate consultancy company Cresnia is working on behalf of commercial tenants. The company helps its clients with all types of questions regarding real estate and office spaces.

Cresnia consists of a small and agile team whose highest priority is to create value for its customers. With Vainu, they save time on prospecting that they now can spend on project management and helping their existing customers instead. The company started using Vainu during fall 2016. Already after two months, they got their first customer through the tool. In total, they’ve found over 3,400 new prospect through Vainu and received more than 80 times ROI.

More time for customer care

Cresnia is quite a small team. When a few people should find time to work with both sales, customer care, consulting tasks and project management, time is a commodity.

“Vainu helps us prospect more efficiently. In other words, Vainu helps us save time. After less than two months of using the tool we closed our first customer from it,” says Martin Heden Lindgren, Project Manager at Cresnia.

Today, all Cresnias prospecting is made with Vainu. As the company sees it necessary to be able to meet all their customers face-to-face, Cresnia’s salespeople are frequent users of Vainu’s map function. It helps them find the best prospects for them to go after out of a longer list of potential customers that fit their Ideal Customer Profile. In total, Cresnia has found over 3,400 new companies to process through Vainu.

“At Cresnia, we experience that Vainu has given us all possibilities and advantages that we were promised when we bought the tool. Whenever we have questions about the tool, we’ve always got fast help from a very positive customer support.”

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"Vainu has proven to be everything we were promised when we purchased the tool. Today, we do all our prospecting in Vainu. We save time and have got 80 times ROI since starting to use the tool.”

Martin Heden Lindgren at Cresnia
Martin Heden Lindgren

Project Manager

Staying up-to-date about changes within their target accounts

Vainu and Cresnia has walked hand-in-hand since the end of 2016. At the same time as Cresnia purchased Vainu, they started to use Pipedrive CRM. Thanks to Vainu’s two-way integration with Pipedrive CRM, Cresia can easily collect company lists from their CRM and import these into Vainu to track changes in their target audiences. The integration also allows them to quickly send promising prospects from Vainu to their CRM.

“During the first year and seven months we’ve used Vainu, we’ve found little over 3,400 companies in Vainu that we didn’t know of before. To us, Vainu has proven to be a very valuable tool. We save time and have received 80 times ROI,” says Martin Heden Lindgren.