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Framtidsmedia AS

Founded in 2015, Framtidsmedia AS offers high quality and innovative marketing concepts within media in two main areas: recruitment marketing and targeted marketing.



Oslo, Norway





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Framtidsmedia AS specializes in media sales, assisting their customers and partners with the most innovative and prominent products on the market. They focus on especially on recruitment marketing and targeted marketing.

"When it comes to companies, it is always a challenge to find prospects. It is the easiest thing to not prioritize," says Jan Valle, the Managing Director of Framtidsmedia AS. "We set up prospecting workshops and sessions 2‑4 times a week. In sales one is always a little bit behind when it comes to prospects, so anything that can help us systematize and help do prospecting is valuable," Valle explains and continues, "Motivation is the hardest part, you can always find the companies, but it takes so much time." This is also the reason why Framtidsmedia decided to start using Vainu's sales intelligence platform - it offers them a systematic way to do prospecting yet allows them to spend less time on it.

Less time spent on prospecting

Framtidsmedia is highly numbers-focused sales organization. Their 8 salespeople give 200 calls each month and the hit rates all the way down to the amount of closed deals is systematically monitored in their Upsales CRM. During the first three months of using Vainu, the five salespeople conducted over 2000 searches on Vainu. At the same time, Framtidsmedia AS was able to double its revenue.

"Our employees are definitely saving time from prospecting," Valle states. Indeed, when asked about Vainu's usefulness the praise is unanimous: "For 95% of what we’re looking for it’s much much faster with Vainu. You can find companies that aren’t that visible everywhere - those hidden gems!"

Framtidsmedia Team

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"What's really good about Vainu, is that you can find companies that aren't that visible everywhere - hidden gems! Those are also easier to close because they haven't been contacted that heavily. For 95% of prospects that we're looking for it's much much faster with Vainu."

Jan Valle
Jan Valle

Managing Director

Doubling the revenue, reaching positive ROI in one month

It took Framtidsmedia AS one month to receive a positive ROI on their 'Vainu investment'. While using Vainu, they've been able to double their revenue. Even though Vainu hasn't surely been the only reason for increasing the revenue, it has definitely had an impact on it when asked employees: "All of my prospects from October onwards are from Vainu. Now 60% of my pipeline is from Vainu."

"All of my sales from November onwards are from Vainu!"

"90% of my prospects come from Vainu. My two last sales were actually from Vainu!"