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Content House is a company producing native content inserts released within newspapers. Insert themes vary monthly and finding the most relevant partners for each publication can take time. With Vainu, Content House has automated the process of finding fitting companies and the work that took up to 20 hours per week, is now finished with a click of a button.

Content House composes advertorial supplements for newspapers such as Helsingin Sanomat - The biggest newspaper in Finland. Supplements typically follow a specific theme, and Content House is in constant search for companies that are leading experts and front runners in - for example - medical technology.

According to Content House Co-Founder Valtteri Syväniemi, the search used to be manual labor: "We used Google and monitored media looking for companies, for example, releasing a new product in the field or having an interesting story to tell. It was quite slow." During the summer of 2016, Content House invested in Vainu and automated their prospecting process.

In search of expert organizations

Companies such as Cramo have a specific ideal customer profile (ICP). They need to find all the construction companies. Content House releases 1-3 inserts monthly with greatly varying themes, and the search for prospects is much more complicated. Their ICP links to the up-to-date expertise the company holds. "We look for the companies that have something fresh to speak of," Syväniemi reveals and goes on to say: "Usually it's companies with new innovations or larger companies with a proven track record." Situations such as this are when Vainu comes in handy.

Buzzwords are the key to Content House prospecting. Emerging technologies and innovations always come with a buzzword. If a company is confident enough to use the buzzword, they are more likely to have confidence in writing about the subject. For Syväniemi, the favorite Vainu-feature is the "keywords on website" search. It enables Syväniemi to find all the companies using certain buzzwords on their websites or social media.

Cold calling is no more

The rules regarding cold calling at Content House are simple: Don't.

Calling through a list of random companies from a relevant industry is not something Content House wants to spend their time or energy on. For every call, there should be a purpose. With Vainu they can increase the probability of finding the expertise they are looking for, and if there occasionally is a lead from outside Vainu, they still check the overview of the company from Vainu before calling.

Valtteri Syväniemi

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"Earlier I could have spent a whole afternoon finding a list of 100 prospects. With Vainu, I'm able to get the list instantaneously with a few clicks."

Valtteri Syväniemi
Valtteri Syväniemi


Thousand prospects with just a few clicks

During the time as a Vainu customer, Content House has imported more than 1,000 accounts from Vainu to their Pipedrive CRM. On average it's about 50 qualified leads per month. "Earlier I could have spent a whole afternoon compiling a list of 100 prospects. With Vainu I'm able to get the list instantaneously after a few clicks", Syväniemi grins and goes on to tell, that Content House saves up to 20 hours weekly with the help of Vainu. "During the time we've been Vainu-customers, we've grown a lot, and Vainu has played a part on it," Syväniemi concludes.