Define and populate high-ROI market segments

With Vainu's in-depth company data, define market segments that are good for your business specifically. Define them as per your target companies' annual revenue, growth rate, exact industry, technographics, licenses granted and hundreds of other data points.

Populate these segments continuously with Vainu's data. Use the lists from Vainu to target the right companies via ads.


Improve your lead scoring and nurturing

Most marketers score leads on the basis of behavior like downloading ebooks and attending webinars. This can be misleading as low quality leads can be highly active.

With Vainu's data, enrich your leads and create dependable lead scoring models, identifying high quality leads on the basis of their company size, exact industry, revenue, growth rate and more. With detailed knowledge about them, nurture them with customised emails.


Seize marketing opportunities automatically

Connect Vainu with your CRM and send your leads a customised email when they exhibit activity that means a selling opportunity for you, such as expansion, relocation, fast growth and more.

You can set which kind of company activities matter for your business. Use Vainu's data and triggers to make your marketing dynamic and real-time without manual effort.

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Vainu connects seamlessly with your trusted marketing and sales tools

Enjoy real-time updates with our integrations. Build custom solutions with our API.
HubSpot Salesforce Dynamics 365 Pipedrive SuperOffice Upsales Zapier

Before Vainu, our lead response time was up to one month. Now, it’s roughly 3 minutes, and every lead we send to sales is relevant.

Heikki Sivonen
Head of Marketing Operations
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