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We offer modern, high-performance APIs for anyone looking to access reliable company data in real time to find and sort best-fit companies, keep databases up to date, and build integrations, applications, or more complex solutions.

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Empower business operations with real-time B2B data

Get access to millions of companies and 500+ data fields with Vainu's robust API. Connect with REST and fuel your business systems with accurate company data in real time.

Data API

Use various filters and parameters to pinpoint and sort the companies you are looking for. Get in-depth data from a single company to lists consisting of hundreds of thousands of companies.

Integration API

Reinforce your ecosystem and offering with relevant company data. Build integrations and applications, automate workflows or tailor any solution to your needs with our Integration API.

Automate sales and marketing workflows and maintain your databases up to date with Vainu's APIs.

Visit Vainu Developer Hub to get to know Vainu's API documentation

A developers' go-to place with the latest samples, use cases, and ready-made solutions to apply to a variety of use cases.

Here's what our customers say about Vainu APIs

“We use Vainu API to enrich our database with Vainu Custom Industries and confidence scores. It helps us build highly accurate and detailed customer segments for further analysis.”

Juuso Happonen

Senior Data Analyst at Tesi
“Thanks to Vainu’s embedded company profiles, our meeting bookers have cut down the time it takes to prospect companies by around 50%.”

Elisabeth Nordberg

Business Analyst at Telavox
“We use Vainu API to create information-rich company profiles. It’s an easy-to-use and modern API.”

Ville Heimonen

Lead Developer at Oikotie Työpaikat
“We’ve used Vainu API to build a strong integration for our webCRM users. The API is very powerful and flexible, and the Vainu team provides top-notch support in a timely manner.”

Thomas Pierog

Product Owner at webCRM
“What differentiates Vainu from its competitors is the simplicity of the UI, the scope of the data, and the easy-to-use API that serves well in building complex solutions. Vainu also provides good sparring and consultation.”

Jonathan Teir

Head of Analytics at Greenstep

Integrate with high performance

Our best-in-class, flexible APIs manage high amounts of traffic with close to real-time responses ensuring heavy loads and large datasets travel smoothly.

Filter and sort the right companies

With Vainu's advanced filtering parameters, you can build simple or complex queries to find the companies you're looking for based on the latest events, firmographic, or technology data.

Automate data-driven workflows

Trigger actions across your business systems based on relevant company changes as they happen. Keep company records up-to-date and display company data anywhere you need it.
Track relevant company-level changes using Vainu's Signals API endpoint or webhooks.

The most common use cases for the Vainu APIs:

Following our API-first philosophy, the Vainu APIs are the first places to get your hands on new datasets. Moreover, some datasets are only available through the APIs and not in our platform's UI.

Build and display comprehensive company profiles

Empower your teams across functions by giving them access to meaningful company information: Display the data they need in any system in use with a custom or our ready-made iframe solution, Vainu View.

Track important company-level changes

Help your teams take action upon company changes in their target accounts as they happen. Whether it's about a company appointing a new CEO, raising a round of funding, or announcing plans to grow internationally, you can seize these moments using our Signals endpoint or webhooks.

Power your business systems with up-to-date company data

Bring company data to PowerBI, Tableau, QuickSight, Qlik, and similar platforms. Most BI platforms accept data entries in JSON and CSV formats. Vainu API returns the data in both CSV and JSON formats.

Access real-time company data across your entire tech stack with Vainu's CRM Connectors, APIs, and webhooks

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