Automated Data Processing: Building a First-Rate Financial Database of Finnish Companies

This whitepaper presents Vainu’s automated pipeline to process incoming financial statements and turn them into structured, searchable information available in its company database in Finland.

B2B companies often use financial data to determine whether to make sales call, or even to decide whether to do business with a specific company in the first place. This information is key, and yet, it is not always easy to find it.

In Finland, a total of 180,000 financial statements were registered by limited companies in 2018. Collecting such information by hand would take years. To arm its clientele with the best possible Finnish financials—fresh, accurate data with the highest possible coverage—Vainu has developed a highly automated pipeline that quickly converts non-structured financial documents into useful, searchable data points in its company database.

This whitepaper explains the technology behind the process of collecting financial statements in Finland and turning them into structured, searchable information.