Reach new heights
with your Pipedrive

Tap into the right company information to close more deals
and save time with less manual work.
Update organization data fields in Pipedrive automatically

Find best-fit prospects with in-depth searches

Search for prospects easily using 100+ detailed company filters. Add them to Pipedrive with just one click, while excluding the organizations already in Pipedrive.
Add prospects to Pipedrive with the click of a button

Know when and how to
reach out to prospects

Avoid missing out on sales opportunities by monitoring your target companies for any significant changes. When the time comes, you'll receive a new activity directly under the organization in Pipedrive.
Automate workflows based on significant company changes

Keep organization details fresh and clean

Map out the fields in Pipedrive you want to sync from Vainu, and turn on data updates to avoid any manual work. You'll automatically fix any incorrect or stale information, and fill in any blanks in your data.
Update company data fields in Pipedrive automatically

Frequently asked questions

Which version of Pipedrive do I need for the integration to work?
Vainu supports all versions of Pipedrive.
How does the data differ from Pipedrive's LeadBooster?
In terms of depth and volume, we have more information than what LeadBooster provides.
Is it possible to map out the fields that Vainu updates in Pipedrive?
You can map the fields between the two platforms as you wish, and turn on automatic updates to keep them in sync.

Vainu has helped us tremendously to make sure everyone has enough high-quality prospects. The Pipedrive CRM integration saves us an enormous amount of time.

Jesse Kinnunen
Sales Team Lead
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