Vainu: Your Nordic Company—And Contact—Data Provider.

We've been in the company data game for a while—over ten years, to be precise. And in those ten years, we've never dipped our toes in the contact data waters. However, now, in our eleventh year of business, we're happy to say we've not only dipped our toes in but dived headfirst into the water: Vainu is now (also) a contact data provider. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

To celebrate this company milestone, we held an event for our customers to mingle and get to know each other—and us at Vainu. Of course, the event's main purpose was to introduce them to our new contact data dataset. All the fun socializing was just a happy coincidence.

Obviously, not everyone was able to make it to Helsinki to be there in person, but we didn't want people to miss out, so we made sure to record the presentations, which you can watch below:

Disclaimer: It is what some people today might consider a "long" video as it is the length of 52 (30-second) TikTok videos, but it'd be 26 minutes well spent!

We'd encourage you to watch the entirety of the video (we've added time stamps so you can jump around), but we get that time is a scarce commodity, so we've created summaries of the presentations below. Let's get into it!

So much data

Our Nordic databases don't have good data coverage—they have exceptional data coverage. Together, they contain more than 5 million companies, each with over 500 data fields, and now, following this launch, those databases also contain more than 7.5 million contacts. That's a lot of data. And it could all be yours for less than the price of your soul! But don't quote me on that. Check the pricing page if you want specifics.

The three components of a perfect sales process

As we see it, there are three components necessary for the perfect sales process to be, well, perfect:

  1. The right company
  2. The right contact
  3. The right time

We want to be the company that can provide you with all three of these components, which is why we started building our contact data dataset.

For companies of every size

An important aspect of this release was ensuring the data was viable for companies of every size and persuasion, which is why we created the product with several different use cases in mind:

  • Vainu for Prospecting
    • For Sales teams. This group will typically use our search platform to access contact data. 
  • Vainu for CRM
    • For RevOps/CRM teams. This group will typically use our CRM Connectors to access contact data in their CRM.
  • Vainu for Data
    • For Data teams. This group will typically use our APIs to get our contact data into whatever system they please.

The most popular use cases

It might seem like this new dataset would have some straightforward use cases, but there's more to it than it might seem! ... No, actually, there's not much more to it than there might seem. The use cases for contact data are straightforward, and you might already have guessed these, but here are the three most common use cases that we had in mind when we were developing the product:

  1. Free up salespeople's time.
  2. Make building a list of ICP companies (and contacts) easy.
  3. Enable marketing teams to create new audiences audiences.

Watch the video to hear about some other pretty cool use cases.

The data

You might be wondering how we collected those 7.5 million contacts we mentioned earlier, and luckily, the processes themselves aren't trade secrets, so we can tell you! Here are the three ways in which we collect our contact data:

  1. Official data from local company registries
  2. Crawled data from openly available web sources, paired with Machine Learning algorithms 
  3. Manual collection and verification

Once the data has been collected, we classify it so you can find the contacts that interest you most. For this purpose, we have the (very cool-sounding) VDMF (Vainu Decision Maker Functions) system.

The VDMF system attempts to determine if a certain job title is a "decision-maker" title, e.g., "CEO" would be a decision-maker title, "Data Engineer" would not, and also the "function" of the title, e.g., "CEO" would be associated with the "CEO" function (makes sense, right?) and "Data Engineer" would be associated with the "Technology" function.

We also created a filter based on this classification system so you can easily find the types of decision-makers you're looking for. Our data on these contacts also includes phone numbers, e-mails, and LinkedIn profiles, so you can use the best channel for you when contacting them.

If you've found the data you wanted to find and want to take it out of our system, there are two ways to export the data from our platform: Using our Connector or by exporting the file as a CSV. There is also a mysterious third way of getting access to our contact data: Our API. 

Now it's your turn

Hopefully, you found this summary somewhat informative. As I said at the beginning, it won't be able to replace the actual presentations that you can watch in the recording, but it should give you the cliff notes! If those cliff notes make you want to take this data out for a spin, then you're in luck since you can sign up for a free trial. If you're already a customer and don't have access to this data (but want to have access to it), then reach out to your customer success representative. 


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