Video: how to prospect more efficiently

It might not be your favorite part of your job – but it’s one of the most important parts. I’m talking about prospecting. By putting effort into finding relevant companies to contact and research them well before you contact them you build the foundation of a successful sales process.

“No one defaults to prospecting mode, Mike Weinberg

It’s easy to put this job on the bottom of your priority list, thinking more offensive work like making pitch calls or follow up with prospects you’ve already stared a dialogue with is more important. This is wrong.

Daniel will give you his best prospecting tips in the video below. He points out finding new companies he didn’t know existed as the hardest thing with prospecting, with that nailing the whole meaning of this part of the sales job.

The obvious companies for your company to get in touch with are much likely already at someone’s list in your CRM system. Smart prospecting is searching for the companies you've not heard of before, finding new fields to sell your product to and get new types of customers in your portfolio.

Daniel about how to prospect more effectively:

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