USE CASE: Machine Learning infused sales solution for Telia

Vainu has initiated a collaboration with Telia to develop a new B2B sales solution enabling Telia to prioritize the most fruitful accounts according to available data. The innovation involves machine learning and the use of both Telia's internal data and Vainu's company database.

Vainu's company database is always up‑to‑date as it continuously crawls information from open and public data sources. With the help of state‑of‑the‑art named entity recognition, the technology links the information - such as a news article - to the right organization from a pool of more than 108 million companies.

Up‑to‑date company data and sales leads

The goal of the co-operation is to harness machine learning and neural network analysis to increase the sales by identifying buying signals and revealing the right timing to contact the top accounts and lessen the unnecessary reaching of unfitting prospect organizations. With Vainu, Telia saves resources by reducing the time salespeople spend with fruitless prospect organizations.

The solution uses both Vainu's company data and Telia's internal data, such as calling activity and business results. According to Pasi Niskanen from Telia's Networking Communications Services department, the deployment was easy, and was in working order from the moment contract was signed: "The creation and implementation of the solution were trouble-free."

Telia Company is a Nordic telecommunications company with a headcount of 26,000 employees. In Finland, the company employs 3,500 people and has a revenue of 1.3 billion euros.

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USE CASE: Machine Learning infused sales solution for Telia Juuso Helander

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