Q2 2023 Product Roundup: Free HubSpot App, Backend Technologies, And More.

Q2 has been a busy quarter here at Vainu, and we’ve developed a bunch of new things that make our existing offering even better!

We’ve got quite a bit to get into, so let’s roll the tape.

Vainu Similar Companies HubSpot CRM Card

We’ve got two new updates to the free HubSpot app we launched in May 2023. Quick refresher: The free app gives users access to the Vainu Similar Companies HubSpot CRM Card.

This CRM Card displays the five most similar domains to the chosen company and includes information about them, such as company size, description, Vainu Custom Industry, and HQ location.

Similar companies tab added to company card

In the HubSpot CRM Card, you have the Vainu view action, which opens up a company card that includes all our information about the chosen domain in an iFrame inside HubSpot.

This company card has now been upgraded to include the similar companies tab, which displays the 100 most similar companies to the chosen domain!

The free app has gone from 5x’ing to 100x’ing your prospecting.

QuotaPath - Similar Companies

New Feature: Add to HubSpot

As the name suggests, the Add to HubSpot feature allows you to add a new Company in HubSpot directly from the Vainu Similar Companies CRM Card.

So, in practice, if you like the look of one of the similar companies that’s presented in our CRM Card, you can now add that company to your HubSpot with just ✌️clicks.

But not only does this feature create that Company in your HubSpot, but it also enriches that Company with our data automatically.

The data properties that are added and enriched are:

  • Company size
  • Countries of operation
  • HQ country
  • Company Summary
  • Website traffic rank
  • Website traffic class
  • Technologies
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Addresses (Count)
  • Redirects to domain
  • Vainu Custom Industries

Add to HubSpot-1

Backend technologies

Backend/cloud technologies have been requested frequently by our users since most vendors (us included—until now, that is) only include website technologies in their technographic datasets.

However, for many companies, specific technologies that are difficult to detect from a website’s source code or DNS records, such as ERP and Database tools, determine the relevancy of a prospect.

As such, we’ve now started tracking these technologies! So far, our new dataset covers two ATS systems and more than 200 cloud/backend technologies, but if more is better in your eyes, you'll be happy to hear that we're looking to expand this data set in the future.

You can get access to this dataset via our API.

Platform improvements

We’re working on a larger series of platform improvements to make the platform easier to understand and more intuitive to use and outfitting it with some cool new features, but more on that soon. 

Landing page revamp

The first of these improvements was a revamp of our Connector landing pages. They are now much simpler (and nicer looking) in design and present the case for why it is worth connecting your CRM with Vainu. 

Platform - HubSpot Connector Landing Page

You've got much more to look forward to...

Q2 was a great quarter, and we shipped a lot of things that (hopefully) serve to improve our product and service and that can help you generate even more value, but there's much more to come! You should look forward to what we will show you in Q3 and onwards.

See you in the next product roundup!

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Q2 2023 Product Roundup: Free HubSpot App, Backend Technologies, And More. Nikolai Bang

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