Q4 2023 Product Roundup: CRM Insights, Company Clustering, ROI Module, And More.

The year is coming to a close, and we’ve been busy at work finalizing some—in our opinion—pretty incredible features for our CRM Connectors.

So, while Christmas is just around the corner, and premature gift-giving isn’t necessarily our style, we just couldn’t wait any longer—we had to get these “presents” into your hands. We hope you like them!

We’ll be going through our “presents” one by one, and honestly, there’s quite a bit for us to get through, so we’ve created a table of contents in case you want to read more about a feature you’re particularly interested in.

Here are the product updates we’ll be discussing today:

With that out of the way, let’s dive into some more detail about what exactly these new features are and why they are potentially significant for you! 

PS If you're more of a video person, then we've got you covered 👇

Note: These features are all only available on our vainu.app platform, so if you are an existing customer and haven’t migrated to the new platform yet, now is the perfect time to do just that! Just send an email to customersuccess@vainu.io to get started.

CRM Insights: Get to know the companies in your CRM

CRM Insights largely does what it says on the tin: It analyzes the companies in your CRM and shows you the results of that analysis, namely what industries the companies are in, the number of employees they have, the locations of their offices, and much more. It does this to provide insight into what’s in your CRM—hence the name.

I just used 59 words (yes, I used a word counter to check) to explain what CRM Insights is and could use many more to paint a better picture, but since a picture is worth a thousand words, maybe it’d be easier to understand if you just saw what it looks like in practice:

Now, the data shown can be for all companies in your CRM—or only for your customers. This is where we think CRM Insights becomes really actionable because it gives you more information about what your customers have in common, giving you an idea of what types of new companies you should target.

Speaking of helping you find companies to target…

Company Clustering: Get more of the companies you’re already after

Once the companies in your CRM have been analyzed, they can be clustered into groups based on how similar they are.

The Clustering feature will visualize these groups (as seen below) with companies being closer to each other based on their level of similarity.

This is all very cool, obviously, but the real coolness starts now: Once the clusters have been created, you can find more companies that are similar to these clusters that are currently in our database but not in your CRM. And you can send all those companies to your CRM with a single click.

So, we analyze the companies in your CRM, cluster them so you can see the different groups of companies you have in your CRM, find new companies that would fit perfectly within your unique clusters, and then let you export these new companies to your CRM.

The goal of this feature was to make it much easier to find new companies (that are similar to the companies you’re already interested in), and we think it does just that beautifully. But it’s good to be skeptical and verify that you are getting value from something, which is why we created this next feature…

[Note: Clustering is available now for Global users and will be made available to our Nordic users within the next couple of weeks.]

ROI Module: Know the impact Vainu is having on your business

One thing that we’ve noticed is that unless your business is meticulously keeping track of this, it’s often difficult to know whether a software or tool is providing concrete value. Our new module in Connectors aims to solve this problem by showing Vainu’s business impact—as best we can.

As depicted in the image above, this module will show the total number of new deals and the total revenue generated from Vainu.

Data Management tab: Have full control over what goes where

The idea behind our new Data Management tab is for it to serve as an “advanced” data mapping feature where you, the user, have full control over the management of all your data settings.

The tab will include all mapping-related functions, e.g., deciding which field Vainu data should be mapped to, if there should be fallback data added, whether a field can be overwritten, and more. So, now that you’ve got news possibilities to map data to your CRM, you probably want some new data points to map, right?

New data points: More is better, right?

You all know how much we love company data, so it probably won’t come as a surprise that we’ve collected even more of it! As of today, it is now possible to add mapping for “Recruitment Keywords” in the Connector Data Management tab.

You might be wondering what “Recruitment Keywords.” It’s actually a dataset that we already announced the release of in our Q2 product update blog—we just referred to it as backend technologies at that stage.

The short of the long of it is that it can be impossible to identify whether a company is using some technologies, which is a shame because some companies rely on this information to know whether a company is potentially a good prospect for them.

Fortunately, some smart people realized that job posts often mention technologies that cannot be detected via the source code of a company’s website. Hence, we started analyzing job posts on recruitment websites as an additional source of information on which technologies a company is using.

CRM info on Company Cards: Know whether a company already exists in your CRM

This is perhaps a more minor quality-of-life improvement, but when you’re on our platform, you’ll now know at a glance which companies already exist in your CRM—your CRM’s logo will be present next to the company logo on the Company Card (see image below).

Additionally, by hovering over the CRM icon, you’ll get more information about the account, such as:

  • who the owner/s are
  • any open, won, or lost deals
  • direct link to the account in the CRM
  • if multiple accounts exist for the same company, the user can see them in a table

Duplicate detection: No more duplicates in your CRM

We hear you. When you already have a company in your CRM, it can be pretty annoying when you end up exporting the same company to your CRM, and you end up having duplicates. Thankfully, with our new duplicate detection feature, this should be an issue no more.

Basically, this feature blocks sending “duplicate” domains from the Global Database when doing mass or single exports. In this case, what we mean by “duplicate” is that the domain has the same “domain body” that some other domain also has (i.e., nordea.com, nordea.se).

Here’s how it works:

  • If a list includes more than one domain with the same “domain body”, we will send only one of those domains (based on the highest Vainu Score).
  • If there is a domain in your CRM that has the same domain body as the one we are trying to send, we don't send the domain.

Note: This is only available for Global Connector users.

Look forward to next year’s product releases!

Phew. That was a lot to get through! If you’ve made it this far, you’ve got my respect. Hopefully, we managed to present our new releases in an interesting fashion, so it wasn’t too terrible to trudge through. To be honest, there might be some (smaller) updates that I missed, but we covered the “big” releases, so let’s take that W.

If you’re already a Connector user, you should have access to all of these features, but if you don’t, speak to your customer representative. If you’re not already a Connector user, what are you doing?! Just kidding. But if you did find any of that interesting, sign up for a free trial and find out how we can help you hit your business performance goals.

One final thing: While all of these new features are very cool, we’ve also got some very exciting things in the pipeline for next year, so please stay tuned! We look forward to seeing you in the next Product Roundup blog. Until then, take care!

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Q4 2023 Product Roundup: CRM Insights, Company Clustering, ROI Module, And More. Nikolai Bang

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