Improved Company Matching For Your CRM Data Updates

With the company matching functionality, you can match the companies from your CRM to Vainu with ease. Company matching allows you to update the incorrect or outdated data in your CRM with real-time company data, and enrich your CRM records with additional data points. In short, company matching is at the core of a data enrichment process.

We've updated the company data matching workflow to allow you to get better control over your company's CRM data updates. Let's dig in.👇

See the company matching results breakdown

Company matching

In the Company matching section under your Integrations settings, you can match companies from your CRM to Vainu. Matching allows you to get the most out of your CRM data:

  • Use your CRM data in Vainu through the CRM data filtering category
  • Keep company data in your CRM up to date
  • Enrich your CRM records with new data points
  • Export company segments from Vainu into your CRM

Vainu matches companies by identifying certain data points like company name, business id, and address.

Matching your CRM data with Vainu's database is now more transparent. You can review your company matching results immediately after the matching is ready:

  • Ready for Vainu: Companies matched successfully with the country databases included in your Vainu subscription. Filter with Vainu's CRM filters, enrich through data updates.
  • Need an upgrade: Companies matched successfully but belong to countries not included in your Vainu subscription.
  • Need help: Companies that couldn't be matched with Vainu. Match companies manually or turn to us for further assistance (click here to read why the companies couldn't be matched).
  • Not supported: Companies from countries Vainu does not officially support at the moment.

Here's the updated company matching results breakdown👇

Company matching results breakdown

Restart company matching at any time

You may need to restart the company matching process in the following situations:

  • If your initial matching results were poor and you've filled the gaps in your CRM data, e.g., updated the Business IDs for better matching.
  • If you have previously disabled the automatic company matching workflow in Vainu, but now you want to enrich the companies in your CRM with up-to-date company data.

You can restart the company matching workflow in the Advanced settings. 👇


Sync company data

This is the beauty of a solid CRM integration. By enabling the Sync company data functionality, Vainu will actively fetch information on the accounts in your CRM, allowing you to use your CRM data in sales prospecting. This way you can cut down manual work, making your sales process more effective. Read more (👉here), how to build company lists in Vainu with the help of the CRM data filters.

CRM data filters


Want to see the latest updates in action? Click here to get to your Integrations settings page. Questions? Chat with us or email  🚀

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Improved Company Matching for CRM Data | Vainu Ella Tyrväinen

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