Vainu Company View for Chrome and CRM Mass Export: Give productivity a boost

Yet another quarter closed. Our developers have been busy bees working on new, advantageous features to bring ease to your sales and marketing efforts. We have some new additions to share to get you to kick-start the last quarter at full speed. Let's dive in!

View company data on company websites with Vainu's Chrome Extension

More than 40% of salespeople feel they don't have enough information when contacting their future clients for the first time. A challenge that we at Vainu want to resolve. Hence, today we published Vainu Company View for Chrome, a Chrome extension, that brings ease to your sales prospecting efforts by showing you the essential company information whenever you're browsing the company website. Download Vainu Company View for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store (here) and sign in with your Vainu credentials.

Just navigate to the website of an interesting company, prospect, or client and let Vainu display information about the company in question. Once installed, open a website of any company and open the extensions icon from the top right corner of your Chrome browser. Choose Vainu Company View for Chrome, and Vainu will find the most suitable company for the specific website.


When browsing on a global company website, Vainu most likely finds many companies using the same domain. Just select the domain you want to, and Vainu will display information about the company of your choosing. You can also select a country that specifies which business entity (e.g., country organization) you want to see by default when browsing on a global company website.

Vainu Company View for Chrome finds all publicly available information for the company in question. Depending on your Vainu license, Vainu will show different company information, such as:

  • Company name, address, and industry.
  • Signals
  • Financial Information
  • Technologies
  • Locations

Vainu Company View for Chrome is available for all. Users with Vainu credentials will see the same company information as in Vainu, whereas without Vainu credentials, you can see limited company information. Get started by downloading Vainu View for Chrome from Chrome Web Store. To download the extension, you need a Google Account

>> Download Vainu Company View for Chrome

Mass export prospect lists to your CRM

Finding best-fit sales prospects and building prospect lists has been at the very core of Vainu ever since Vainu was founded. Our goal is to make real-time company data as easy as possible to consume. Thus, we made the most time-consuming part of the sales process — sales prospecting — more streamlined than before. Fueling your CRM with up-to-date prospects has never been easier.

Now you can export your prospect lists straight to your CRM with one click. You can select any of your existing prospects lists with a maximum of 10,000 prospects and export the list directly to your CRM. If the number of prospects on the list is under 500, you can determine whether you want to assign the companies to a specific CRM user or distribute the prospects evenly. If the number of prospects exceeds 500, the prospects will be unassigned in the CRM. Vainu also checks for possible duplicates between Vainu and your CRM and lets you decide which ones you want to export.

All you need is a Vainu subscription and appropriate user permissions to use the mass export feature. Mass export works with Pipedrive and HubSpot CRMs, and we continue developing the function to cover more CRMs already in the upcoming months.


More information and demo

Want to know more about the new features or Vainu in general? Our product specialists are happy to assist you. Chat with us or sign up for a 30-minute free demo of Vainu here and find out how you and your team can benefit from plugging real-time company information into your daily sales business.

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Vainu Company View for Chrome and CRM Mass Export: Give productivity a boost Ella Tyrväinen

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